Role of Project Manager in the Selection of the project

What is the role of the project manager in the selection of the project? What criteria does the project manager use to select the project, and how are these criteria derived?

Project selection refers to the process of assessing a group of projects or each project and then choosing to implement the most suitable project based on the organizational needs and the involved constraints. The role of a project manager in project selection is to identify the possible project that may need to under taken in an organization, evaluate the project based on their different parameters, arrange them based on their priority, and make a decision regarding the project to be provided the highest priority. To accomplish this, project manager needs to select decision aiding models that assist them to save money and time while maximizing the chances of success. The criteria used to select the best model to employ in realism, capability, flexibility, ease of use, cost, and easy computerization. The model should decision realism, should have the ability to evaluate possible constraints, and risks involved in each project and select the best project overall.

It should be flexible enough to provide valid outcomes in different conditions which a company may experience, and should easy to use, without consuming a lot of time, or requiring special knowledge for data interpretation. It should be cheap with regard to data management cost and cost of running it and finally, it should be convenient and easy to store, gather, and manipulate data in a computer based system. In this case a numeric or non-numeric model can be used to select the best project to be undertaken. The model help in screening various risks associated with each project, internal operating issues, and commercial aspects demonstrated in the market. The evaluated risks include legal exposure, technical risk, quality risks, financial risks and safety risks. The screening results will determine whether a project will be selected or not. It is the role of the project manager to make this decision based on the employed evaluation (Pinto, 2010).

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