Roles Enforcement Officers May Fulfill

There are several roles that a law and enforcement officer can undertake. Some of them include; investigation of a crimes and serving and protecting of the citizens.

Investigation of crimes

The police are expected to get into the scene of crime once they receive a report of a committed crime. They basically take statements from the parties involved and the witnesses at the site. They also collect any available information at the scene so as to help the forensic officers do more investigations later. (Bard, 1971)

Serve and protect the citizens

It’s a first order of the police to protect and serve all the citizens. They serve their communities during the ties of emergency and crisis. The traffic officers protect people on the roads by issuance of tickets to the careless drivers(Bard, 1971). The communities are protected when the police arrest the offenders and deter illegal behaviors.

Why an officer might assume some of their roles

According to Skolnick, (2011), the following issues might be a cause why an officer might assume their duty.

An officer might assume their roles when they are not within a sphere of their responsibilities.

Some of the officers may consider some of the crimes committed as being low priority thus end up ignoring them even though some of them might require close attention.

Some crimes may be assumed when there is no real victim who has been affected as a result of that crime.

Limited resources that can aid in the investigation might lead to some serious crimes being assumed.

Some of the crimes might lack witnesses who can assist in the investigation. This limits the process thus it is assumed.

Unfamiliar grounds may prompt one to assume their role as they may not be able to solve a certain situation as required.

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