Safety and First Aid – Reflective Essay

Safety and First Aid Reflective Essay

First aid is defined as help provided to an injured person or a sick individual until full medical assistance is available. It is normally done to prevent worsening of the situation or death. I learnt a number of things from this lesson. One of the most important aspects that I learnt is that first aid is provided based on the kind of medical condition one is experiencing. Therefore, for one to be a good first aider, one must have extensive knowledge of measures to employ to handle different medical conditions. For instance, there are first aid procedures for animal bite, chest pain, injury, choking, chemical burn or chemical splash in the eyes and dislocation among others. I found this a bit challenging especially due to the extensive procedural knowledge that one may require to remember to remain viable in the field. Moreover, there is no chance for mistakes in any first aid procedure; mistakes might result to the death of the casualty or even advancement of the problem. The accuracy involved in first aid practice is also a bit challenging. I even thought that one can only perfect the first aid skills by going around with the first aid procedure notes to confirm the steps. However, maybe, with practice one would be able to master the procedure.

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The second most important aspect that I learnt in the course is that most accidents takes place because we do not put any effort to ensure our safety. Safety is the condition of being safe, the state of being safeguarded over physical harm or accidents. People ought to be taught on how to ensure safety measures in their daily operations. However, most of the times this happens after an accident or a situation has already taken place. Even as first aiders, we can only advise a person on how to remain safe after handling an incident. I agree that this prevent future happenings, but the importance of this subject makes me think that the course should not only be provided in the colleges but in the general society.

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Generally, safety and first aid course is a very important course in the life of a person and the society that will be surrounding the person in the future. This is especially true when one will be bringing up his or her kids. Kids are known to be prone to a number of accidents and sudden illness before they are fully grown. For instance, development of fever or inserting objects in the ears or nose. Knowing how to handle such situations makes me more courageous to face my future as a parent. It also gives me the joy of knowing that I can save someone’s life in critical situation. This course gives me something that I can be proud of in my life. The ability to save a chocking kid, and to prevent excessive bleeding to an individuals involved in a fatal accident among others gives me an opportunity to benefit my society. Although the course seems a bit demanding, it is among the few courses that are directly beneficial to an individual doing the course and the surrounding society. It is a course that almost fits the emergency department in a hospital, a course that eases patient’s pain and gives them a chance of living again.

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