SAI430 – Systems Integration Project Technical Design Specifications

The purpose of this document is to outline the strategy for the creation of a new transaction processing system that is required to receive three files from outside sources, in addition, to defining functionality and purpose.

In order for the system to exchange data, they must be integrated in a manner that will preserve system integrity while satisfying integration goals. The integration is expected to:


  • Validate the initial incoming file data to the system before the data reaches the Oracle database. Data not passing validation will not be allowed to continue further in the system and will be noted in an error audit table.


  • Valid order data will be sent to a transaction program, which will process each order based on available inventory supplied by an Access database.


Note: Some validation and formatting may need to be done prior to the data reaching the transaction processor.


  • Orders will either be marked complete or in backorder, depending on specific criteria.


  • Orders processed in total and partial orders will be listed in a file returned to the Oracle database for entry.


  • Orders not processed will be noted in a separate error file.




Many of the programs used in the new system will already be written and need only slight to moderate modifications to make them functional within the specifications for the new system. There will be a few small programs that will need to be written from start to finish but each development team will be supplied with enough specifications to accomplish this task. The system will be controlled by a single job stream file that will call or execute the individual programs for the system in the proper processing order as determined by the development team.

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