Sears Recital Hall (UOD) the Prima Trio concert Report

On Sunday, 6th November 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at the Sears Recital Hall (University of Dayton) the Prima Trio was in concert. The Prima Trio is a cohesive American trio ensemble consisting of Anastasia Dedik (piano), Gulia Gurevich (violin and viola) and Boris Allakhverdyan (clarinet). The concert was on general admission basis and this meant that any person could sit at any of the seats in this amphitheatre as they were not reserved for any person.

All the members of the ensemble were dressed in black during this auspicious occasion. Boris Allakhverdyan was dressed in a fitting black tuxedo while both Anastasia Dedik and Gulia Gurevich were in black dresses. Boris Allakhverdyan ,who would later play the clarinet stood while the rest of the ensemble sat on chairs, Gulia Gurevich with her violin in hand and her viola placed on a another chair next to her. The crowd was full of enthusiasm and very eager to hear the trio play. After a brief introductory note by Boris, the show kicked off.

The first piece played by the ensemble was Roberts Shumman’s, “Märchernerzählungen (Fairy Tales) opus 132 for clarinet. This piece came out as being a light-hearted one and in total had four movements. This piece started with a legato phrase from the viola and as it progressed it seemed to move downwards. Later on, a contrasting idea comes into play as the piece generally moves downward to the second movement where the kernel appears periodically and in short outbursts in the first segment which is distorted in a triplet manner. The third movement was generally calmer than the rest and the melody was played in pianissimo and this softness really appealed to me and my emotions. The last movement finally opens with very powerful chords which for a while seem very different from the previous ones. The clarinet and viola seemed to sing in a dulcet duet accompanied by the piano which brought out a picturesque mental picture. The audience was calm throughout the performance of all the four movements and the applause only came at the end of them all (Dedik and Anastasia). “Although the work was composed shortly before Roberts Shumman final mental breakdown and suicide attempt, the music is nevertheless concise and lighthearted. It being one of his most organically conceived works, the movements are linked by a recurring motive.” Program notes for the “Märchernerzählungen (Fairy Tales) opus 132. The Prima Trio. Boris Allakhverdyan. Dayton: Sears Recital Hall (University of Dayton), 6th November 2016. This could explain the emotion carried in this piece as the audience was quite engrossed.

The second piece performed, was Milhaud Darius, Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano,157b. This piece had four movements, namely: Ouverture, Divertissement, Jeu and Introduction et final. The piece was quite a melodious one and the first movement (played fortissimo) had a distinct samba rhythm and sounded quicker than the previous piece. In the second movement, the piece took a more poignant twist with the violin and clarinet introducing a counterpoint texture in the piece. The two melodies were performed simultaneously and the piano to provided subtle soft accompaniment. The third movement primarily featured the expert fiddling of the violin which brought out a rather jolly mood with its swings. The last movement which was distinctly jazzy with various swings and syncopations that were quite evident with the playing off the main beats by the piano. “The Suite was extracted by Milhaud from his incidental music to the play Le Voyageur sans bagages by Jean Anouilh. The play deals with a man who lost his memory in the First World War.” Program notes for Milhaud Darius, Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano,157b.. The Prima Trio. Boris Allakhverdyan. Dayton: Sears Recital Hall (University of Dayton), 6th November 2016.

The third and last piece was Glick Srul, “The Klezmer’s Wedding”.The expert violinist Gulia Gurevich displayed her superb artistry as she played a folk country-style fiddling technique. Aspects of improvisation were further accentuated by the flamboyant violin writing and expression by the artiste playing. This dance piece is quite an expressive one and it succeeds in helping to manifest the solemn demeanor of this wedding. During this piece, both the clarinet and violin player were on their feet, in rhythm with the tempo of the music, and doing a miniature dance while still playing the beautiful melody awing the enthused audience. Various harmonies and syncopation were also evident.. “However, like jazz, Klezmer allows for personal expression with improvisation The Klezmer’s Wedding begins with an extended introduction which stimulates improvisation.” Program notes for Srul Glick ,The Klezmer’s Wedding  The Prima Trio. Boris Allakhverdyan. Dayton: Sears Recital Hall (University of Dayton), 6th November 2016.

In conclusion, we were sure to applaud at the end of the concert as all the three musicians held hands before the applauding audience who were on their feet now, and gave a bow. Most of the people I met after the concert had kind words to say about the ensemble and its spectacular performance. It was also paramount that we leave comments at the door before leaving. These, we were told, were to help them improve their future concerts through the various suggestions made. It is also noteworthy to note that this concert was organized was organized to give the students a concert experience because lessons in class cannot provide this.

This is because, the students now get to listen to concerts and recitals meet these professionals who are well versed in the art of live performance and performance. To add to this, attendance of regular performances by music students helps to shape their ambition and their desire to be better musicians once they complete their studies in this discipline by changing their perceptions to the art of music. This motivation that students get from a music concert is also important as students learn to pay attention to detail while sight-reading music pieces and gaining mastery. All the hours of study and practice make more sense when a student attends concerts as the work they study is seen and validated.

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