Should Gay and Lesbian Couples have the Right to Marry each other in the United States today?

Marriage provides a couple with various legal rights compared to domestic partners. This encourages most couples to prefer being in a marriage than in a domestic partnership relationship. This does not only apply to heterosexual couples but also lesbian or gay couples. Gay and lesbian couples share the same needs as all other couples. Same-sex couples have same struggle, experience, and wants as heterosexual couples. They also look for similar partners’ qualities, dependability, valuing affection, religious beliefs similarities, and shared interests.Lesbian and gay men demonstrate similar level of love and attraction for their partners as heterosexual couples, and sometimes with higher reported level of satisfaction and relationship quality. They also have good records in raising children.

This demonstrates that same-sex couples are not different with heterosexual couples. The noted differences tend to be more positive than negative (Strong & Cohen, 2013). They share the same relationship values with heterosexual couples, earning they are no less than them when reviewed based on what they share as a couple and the rights they wish each other should have over their personal properties if anything happen to one of them. The couple share love, financial needs and other things just like heterosexual couples. They should thus be given a chance to marry legally and enjoy the benefits that heterosexual couples get when their marriage is legally recognized. Same-sex couple chooses this form of relationship out of own-will, and for some reasons, they cannot manage a heterosexual relationship (Strong& Cohen, 2013). This means that marriage denial will subject them into some kind of unrecognized cohabiting which reduces the benefits the couple can enjoy. Legalization of their marriage helps in protecting the partners financially, and the children that they may commit to raise. Same-sex marriage should thus be respected like heterosexual relationship by legalization.

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