Social and Business Elements of India

Subsidiary Country- India

The recent announcement by MTE Corporation regarding its significant expansion is a business strategy which aims to improve its footprint across the globe. To fulfill this objective, the company will acquire faltering domestic companies from a number of localities and may soon become the largest foreign-owned entity across Asia Pacific. India has been selected for this expansion. The following is a summary of the social and business elements and the competencies necessary to work and manage effectively in this environment.

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Demographics of the People and Society

            India is the second most populous nation in the world. As of 2019, its population stands at 1.4 billion and projected to surpass China in the near future (World Population Review, 2019).  The presence of an elaborate healthcare system and a low infant mortality rates were cited as some of the primary reasons why India’s population has been experiencing a steady growth since the early 1980s.

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            India is one of the last remaining true democracies in South East Asia. Its federal government is a unitary administration established by the constitution of India to supervise the eight states in the democratic republic.  India adheres to the basic legislature, executive and judiciary structure of government with the president serving as the commander in chief and the prime minister the executive head. Moreover, the government has also established civil and criminal codes which govern its large population while ensuring that there is a semblance of order in the country.


            The Indian economy is one of the fastest developing markets in the region. Using its nominal GDP, purchasing power parity and per capita income, India proves to be a prospective area for international business. India’s young population is one of the main reasons why it is projected to continue growing (Banik, 2015). Furthermore, it also has a low dependency ration which increases the country’s integration into the global economy. India has also been identified as one of the most ideal environments in which to conduct business in, with its government implementing various stimulus measures to boost overall growth.  Foreign partners have also identified India as an ideal environment in which to conduct free trade agreements and conduct business in.


            India has an elaborate communication system which strives to serve its large population.  It includes telegraph services, postal system, broadcasting and the prevailing information services. The country’s postal system network is the largest in the world, encompassing tribal and rural areas. Recent advances in technology have also been applied in the area of communications in India where computerized systems are now applied when conducting the postal operations in the country. The presence of a Hybrid Mail Service and an extensive business channel make it possible to introduce important developments in the sector which ultimately benefit its general population. Moreover, the communication sector in India strives to provide cost-efficient services using high-speed computer networking for businesses.


            The government of India lays great emphasis on the provision of education in the country. Public schools are a common hallmark of the education system in India which is usually free and compulsory for children between 6 and 14 years of age (Dash, 2014). India’s progress in education now makes it one of the most educated countries in South East Asia which also contributes to its economy. Additionally, the government has also expressed its willingness to provide this inalienable right to rural children who would otherwise have remained without any hope of advancing in the existing societal strata. To achieve its objective of having an educated population, the government of India focuses on high enrollment numbers while providing high quality education which will ultimately assure them of success.

Analysis of how Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, and Disability Impact Aforementioned Business Elements

            India is an ethnically diverse nation with close to two thousand ethnic groups. The implementation of its affirmative action has improved the condition of historically disadvantaged groups, particularly those from scheduled castes. The government now insists on the adoption of an all-inclusive system for all  ethnicities, races, and regardless of gender as an initiative aimed a propelling  India to a new age. Although national origin and disability are not major issues of concern, sexual orientation is still a contentious issue in Indian society. Heterosexuality is readily accepted in Indian culture and largely viewed as the only acceptable sexual orientation. Anything contrary to this is shunned and may pose an existential challenge to any company embracing this type of policy.

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Competencies Necessary to Work and Manage Effectively in this Environment

For MTE Corporation to function at optimum level in India, several competencies are required to ensure that the firm manages effectively in this environment.  The company needs to ensure that its employees in the Indian hinterland are supervised appropriately during this transition period.  This new environment may prove to be sensitive which is why it is imperative to remain aware of all the different dynamics that exist. The company’s executives must also be ready to resolve any conflict that may emerge between its representatives and native employees.  They will also be required to manage performance in this new frontier as a way of making sure that sufficient progress is made in this new environment.

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