Sources of Law in the United States

The four sources of law in the United States include administrative regulations, constitutions, courts opinions and statutes. Statutes refers to laws that legislative branch pass. Statutes passed by the congress are applied countrywide while those passed by state legislature are only applied within their respective states. Administrative regulations refer to laws which are documented by the executive branch agencies. Court opinions are laws containing opinions and decisions offered by courts in different legal cases after law interpretation (Mayer et al., 2012). These opinions assist in shaping the law. The most supreme source of law in the United States is the constitution laws. Constitutionrefers to the laws which establish the government systems. they act as the foundation of other laws in the country, giving the country judicial, executive and legislative framework. Constitution laws set forth the limits of things governments can and cannot do. The constitution in any state overrules any law which contradicts it. Thus all other sources of law must consider it while drafting their laws to ensure that no law violates it (Mayer et al., 2012).

Legal process refers to mandate, warrant, writ or any other process coming from the court of justice. This process is normally conducted based on the procedure where the law is strictly adhered to. The legal process is conducted as per the judiciary administrative laws, and highly guided by the constitution and other laws of the country. The legal process ensures that both the offender and the complainant get chances to argue their case, to present evidence and witness. The cases are basically judged based on these aspects. The process also ensures that only those with sound mind pass through the process, and that each offender is represented by an attorney. This ensures that justice is served. I therefore agree that legal process is a means of obtaining what is just and ethical as per the laws of the country.

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