Substantive Ways In Which A Healthy Population Strengthens The Economy Of Zambia

There are various ways through which a healthy population will strengthen the economy of Zambia. First, when a country has healthy population, the workers within the country will have higher labor productivity due to the fact that they have a more robust mental and physical state compared to those who are suffering from various illnesses (Rodrik, 2014). According to a study conducted on people living in poverty, the greatest concern for most individuals was the health of their home breadwinner. If such a person was to die or become seriously ill, the family would have to go deep in debts to obtain financial support and thus can end up being economically crippled. This shows that healthy people can work harder, with less destructions, to ensure the economy of  a country benefits through taxes and other goods exchanges. With good health, most people can secure employment, thus reduce the rates of poverty and unemployment in a country.

Second, a healthy population will mean longer living individuals despite aging. When these aging people are many, and they have well paying employments, they will have the potential of further increasing their retirement savings. These savings are what can be used to invest in physical and human capital, and also for research and development (Senkubuge, Modisenyane & Bishaw, 2014). Such activities will eventually improve the various activities handled, by reducing the time it takes to complete a job, or even the effectiveness of a product. Thus the country will be better equipped to compete with others in the global market and gain economic freedom.

Third, when the population is healthy, the society is stable enough to trigger more returns from other human capital forms, including education and job experience. Therefore, there will be constant improvement in skills, which will also improve the competitive advantage of the workers (Rodrik, 2014). Hence, they will perform even better  when engaging in activities that will improve the economy of the country.

Fourth, a healthy population will also lead to a changed society age structure. This usually offers a potentially substantial enhancement to the productive capacity of the economy, even though it is only for a short while (Senkubuge, Modisenyane & Bishaw, 2014).

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