The Supply Chain Map

Marketing is very vital in every business especially when introducing a new product in the market. It is communicating the worth of an item, service or a make to the consumers for an intention of endorsing or advertising that item, service or a make to the market (Blanchard, 2010). Marketing promotes teamwork amid buyers and suppliers, brand maker and usual schemes, consumers and sales to minimize lead time, rationalize consumer response, and advance sale forecasting. It is as a result, that in manufacturing settings, marketing supply chains depend on the design, making, warehousing, and execution of material and gathering of consumers’ comments for incessant modification. Marketing supply chains are very important as they allow products to transform consumer demand into brand accomplishment and market deliverance.

A marketing supply chain is a scheme of associations, individuals, activities, and reserves concerned in moving a brand or a service from developer to consumer (Mentzer, et al, 2001). Supply chain involves transforming natural reserves and raw materials into final products that are distributed to the final consumer. Therefore, in manufacturing of a product, before a company makes for example a new brand of a shoe, it should first think of product mix. Product mix is a set of deed that a firm uses to advertise its product in the market. The firm should consider the product line, price, promotion and place. The aspect of the product mix in a supply chain serves as direction to verdicts concerning the addition and removal of product line and items. By elevating the steadiness of product mix, a company minimizes its cost of functions and obtains unparalleled standing in the market.

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The manufacture plays a vital role in designing the shoe to be made. Product design is very important in supply chain especially in generating demand (Halldorsson, et al, 2007). Given that the product design orders multiple needs on the supply chain, once a product design is finished, it forces the structure of the supply chain map. When the product design is finished, the company deliberates on the material to use in order to come up with a product that will easily enter into the market due to its quality. Quality of the product helps it to easily penetrate to the market making this face very important in manufacturing stage. Once the material is decided, the shoe is made which is followed by advertisement of the made product to the market. Advertisement persuades the consumers to purchase the product and inform the consumers about existence of the new product. Once the consumers are aware of the new shoe in the market the manufacturer ships the shoes in bulk to the middlemen. Shipping in bulkiness makes sure that the distributor has enough products to supply to the retailers so that they can fulfill their demand which had been created by the advertisement they had made.

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When the product gets to the distributor, he plays a vital role of distributing the products to all retailers so that all the customers can get the product. The distributor establishes good relationship with the retailers once he receives the goods which make the retailers to accept the credit extended by the distributor. Good relationship also enhances stability and trust to supply chain (Haag, et al 2006). Extension of credit by the distributor makes retailers to purchase good number of the products therefore increasing the sales. However, distributors are relied on more heavily on break down of the bulk shipment into small volumes of products since retailers are more likely to purchase small quantities. The distributor finally transports the purchased shoes to the retailers shop for sales. This encourages the retailer to purchase these goods more frequently as the transport cost is catered for by the distributor.

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When the shoes get to the retailer, the retailer displays the shoes to costumers in a attractive manners so that the customers can be attracted by the display. An attractive display attract customers who when they get into the retail shop are persuaded to purchase the shoe. The retailer may use other methods to advertise the new shoes in the market for example offering discounts to the customers. Advertisements drive more customers into the shop therefore increasing the number of sale of the new product. The retailer may also persuade customers to purchase shoes by employing a sales person who can assist customers to make a quick choice. When the customers are assisted to make choice they make quick sale allowing more customers to purchase since there no congestion of customers. It also promotes quick movement of the new products. Once the customer makes decision of what to purchase a transaction is made and a possession of the product is transferred to the consumers therefore, transform consumer demand into brand accomplishment.

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It is clear that manufacturer, distributor and the retailer play vital role in the supply chain scheme and they are key parties in marketing of a product in the market.

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