System Integration Implementation Plan

The system integration implementation plan describes the process of transitioning, installing and deploying into an operational system. The implementation plan consist of an overview of how the system functions after integration process (Smyth, 2009). This include the description of major tasks  such as testing activities, final migration activities, training activities, project closeout activities, transition to operational support team, start and completion dates, the required resources to support these activities and the lessons learned from the integration project. However, this paper discussed four of these major tasks.

Defining responsibilities and roles

            It is important to start the implementation plan by defining the responsibilities and roles of each personnel involved in the project. This helps in maintaining specific aspects that relates to the system integration. During the process of defining the roles and responsibilities, a review of the existing structure will be undertaken. The definition of the responsibilities and roles was based on the integration work instructions, procedures and system manuals.

Training activities

            The initial activity was to identify the training needs for during the implementation process. This ensures that the training given to the work force enhances workplace safety and health of the environment. The analysis of the training ensures that the training procedure concur with performance standards, American legislation, conform to the policy, create awareness of the management responsibilities and roles, significantly reduces workplace hazards and environmental aspects, formulate relevant training manuals for different functions and levels and awareness of the operating procedures (Smyth, 2009). The defined training plan must have schedule that is well document for the purpose of delivering the training and future refresher training which could be conducted periodically. Training activity is the important component of the implementation plan since the current training manual must be reviewed and expanded to cover the integrated system. It enables the staff to understand how the integrated system operates and their roles when interacting with the system. The training manual will be stored by the human resource department. 

Transition activities

            The objectives of the transition activities it to facilitate smooth handover of the system integrated project having met all deliverables such as assets, products, facilities or equipment. This also ensures that there is effective and efficient transition from the project manager and the management of the organization (Teghout, 2013). Transition process is very important since the staff adopting the integrated system requires to understand how the system function. Therefore, this is period whereby the personnel who participated in the system integration process actively interact with the staff adopting the complete project.

Resources required

            There are various resources required during implementation plan. These resources include personnel, finances, assets, facilities, software and hardware. Personnel are required to physically carry out the system integration implementation plan. Finances ensures that the implementation plan goes as plan through acquisition of all the materials, facilities, software and hardware needed to complete the process (Smyth, 2009). These required resource play important role in ensuring that implementation plan is effected as scheduled. Lack of resource will affect the process, hence lengthening the implementation phase. This means that the contractual agreement about the delivery dates will be affected.

Lessons learned           

Generally, there are several lesson learned throughout the system integration projects and these lessons are passed on to other staff members. Some of the lessons learned include the process that involves integration of the system, the importance of bring systems together within the organization and the procedure of troubleshooting and testing the operations of the integrated system.

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