Takeda Oncology Company and Christophe Weber’s Leadership Style

The TOC (Takeda Oncology Company) is an international company dealing with and researching on cancer-related biopharmaceuticals. Its key values include innovativeness, passion, and timeliness in the delivery of drugs to persons with cancer globally. It exclusively zeroes in on oncology and seeks to hire the best available talent. Its vision is to become the leading company with regard to oncology research. The TOC considers its principal assets as being its culture, its values, and its people, or stakeholders. It prides itself as a company where all the stakeholders function as a single team with a single purpose.

The TOC’s current CEO is Christophe Weber. Previously, he has served as the company’s president as well as chief operating officer. His predecessor as the company’s CEO, Chris Viehbacher, was commonly seen as authoritarian. Unlike Viehbacher, Weber is widely seen as rather democratic. He has the hallmarks of persons whose leadership style is democratic. Notably, such persons, or leaders, share their decision-formulating competencies and mandates with the teams they lead (Schultz & Schultz, 2010). Democratic leadership entails debates, discussions, and exchange of ideas. Weber comes off as keen on sharing own decision-formulating competencies and mandates with the rest of company’s stakeholders. He often partakes in debates and discussions with the stakeholders.

Weber displays candor and sincerity in his actions, thus inspiring trust in the stakeholders. He displays marked confidence in the execution of own mandate as the company’s CEO. He comes off as fair-minded, treating his juniors fairly. He discourages prejudice among the stakeholders and is sensitive to other persons’ wellbeing, interests, feelings, and values. Such attributes have made him highly accessible to his juniors. The attributes have strengthened his strategy implementation, a role he enthusiastically shares with the company’s diverse stakeholders.

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