Team Norms and Procedures – Leadership of Teams

The comment was made that norms are implicit, and tend to develop over time.However, it was also observed that virtual teams can not afford the luxury of such a passive process, and need to take proactive steps to establish explicit norms.


Identify 10 specific behavioral norms (five communication and five task norms) that you feel are essential to the smooth performance of virtual teams.
Explain why you feel these norms are essential.
Propose a specific action plan virtual teams could use to develop and enforce task and communication norms.
Use the background readings to support your arguments. The following reading provides some additional ideas for how a co-located team could an engage in norm-setting. You should model your action plan for virtual teams after this type of analysis.

Case Reading

  • Karten, N. (2003). Creating Team Norms. Retrieved August 2009 from

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