Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators
You are a clinical nurse educator and the clinical experience for your learners this week is to participate in clinical telenursing in a women’s health unit. The learners will be performing follow-up telephone calls to post-partum patients dismissed over the past three days.
You are conferencing with the learners to help prepare them for this clinical telenursing experience. You have already discussed the clinical aspects of the experience and are now ready to focus on telenursing.
Write a paper that addresses the following topics:
1.           Describe in detail what you will discuss with the learners related to the following sub-topics. Use these sub-topics as headings in your paper.
                  Using call system software to place calls.
                  Using information systems to review the patient’s medical records and chart.
                  Using information systems to record the outcomes of the patient calls, planned follow-up, etc.
                  Other information systems or technology that might be used in this situation.
                  Advantages/disadvantages of using telenursing in this situation.
                  HIPAA and confidentiality.
                  Licensure issues and liability.
                  Cultural aspects.
                  The patient-nurse relationship in the telenursing context.
2.           Describe and apply a model, theory, or framework about teaching and/or learning to the discussions you will have with these learners in preparation for their telenursing experience. You may select a teaching and/or learning model, theory, or framework that you studied in a previous course.
Paper Requirements
  Your paper should be 8 to 10 pages in length (not counting title page and references), double-spaced, with one-inch margins.
  Include 10 to 20 references.
Use APA format.
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