The Perceptions towards Addiction in My Culture

Although there have been great developments in research towards the problem of addictions and the possible clinical and psychological therapies, there remain unique perceptions towards the problem in many cultures (Gunzerath, Hewitt, Li, & Warren, 2011). In my culture, many people still believe that the addicts lack self-control and that their inability to exercise choice makes addicts vulnerable to drug abuse. People believe that being a drug addict is a matter of exercise of personal free will, since they belief that addiction occurs when an individual completely surrenders his/her free will and thus giving up his choices. This is why most drug addicts in my culture face stigmatization, because of the believe that the problem is rather a personal choice.

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            However, the developments in the fields of psychology and medicine have seen the developments of various models of addictions. The knowledge gained through the course materials and class has changed my view regarding the problem of addiction. I think addicts have no moral defect. Being an addict is a psychological, social and biological problem that can be treated with appropriate diagnosis and therapeutic procedures, thus restoring an individual to a normal life.

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Addictions can be caused by a combination of many factors as explained in the biopsychosocial model (Dodes, 2009). The biopsychosocial model asserts that addiction is attributed to the biological causes, such as genetics and the interaction of an individual with the surrounding. The environmental influences include the social interactions, early life experiences and culture. Through the model, it is evident that it is the combination of factors that cause addiction and no a matter of moral defect among the individuals.

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