The Sleeper Vs Annabel Lee Compare and Contrast Essay

Poetry Assignment

Paper instructions:
Compare and Contrast Edgar Allan Poem’s “The Sleeper” and “Annabel Lee” using literary terms such as diction, tone, theme, setting, mood, etc. Also the thesis must be an argumentative one

I will be assigning a 5-8 page paper that will ask you to perform a close reading on a single literary work. Include research and any context pertaining to the poem. DO NOT talk about the author in terms of their bibliography! This will result in a lower grade on the paper.  You may choose from the authors we read in class or if you have an idea of a piece literary work you’d like to do an analysis of be sure to ask me first. The purpose of this paper will be to both apply the terms and literary techniques that we have talked about in class and to construct an argument about the text’s theme, characters, plot, persona, visual elements, voice, and other literary devices. Keep an eye out for any patterns and consistencies. Those can guide you toward insights. This paper must adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy and to the Submission Guidelines listed below:
Submissions Guidelines for Written Work
These apply to any written assignments.


  • Must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman
  • Formatted for 8 ½” x 11” paper with one-inch margins.
  • All papers should be double-spaced.
  • Include your name, ENG 104, Section number, and date in your paper’s heading.
  • All work must follow MLA style guidelines. (see MLA STYLE).
  • No late work is accepted.


Paper Structure
The introduction should be comprised of a brief no more than 200 word summary on the meaning or message of the literary work and a clear thesis/argument on your interpretation of the work’s structure, 
specific literary devices,  and overall the contributions these literary elements make. Remember to read your piece of fiction, play, graphic novel, poem, or short story multiple times to have a clear and precise argument.  Since this assignment has been given to you well in advance I expect multiple revision to be done in advance. Mistakes like misspellings or awkward sentence will result in your paper grade being lowered.  
Not only can you discuss the striking language, themes, or the narratives structure the author employs, but you may also want to provide synonyms that the author could have chosen, but didn’t. Discuss why the author’s word choice was appropriate for the subject of the poem and why those specific characters are so important to the narrative or play. Also be aware of your own word choice when presenting your own argument for how the literary work functions.
Choose elements of the work’s structure or themes that seems to you significant, meaningful, or strange. For instance, the way that one image follows another; in a poem the way one panel follows the next; the way the narrator contributes to the plot; the way that the story begins and ends in the same or different places; the way the poem moves spatially from one moment place to another; epiphany and empathy work in the text; or how the work moves through time. Elements like these all pertain to the work’s structure or order and are deliberate decisions. MOST IMPORANTLY REMEMBER TO ANALYSIS THE WORK BY WAY OF A CLOSE READING AND NOT JUST REINTERATE OR JUST MAKE OBSERVATIONS. (NO SUMMARY)
Works Cited
You must include a works cited page. For this essay, you will use the MLA style of citation, because it is the standard convention for all discussions of literature. The works cited page will not count toward the 5-8 required pages. Regarding your parenthetical citations, since poems will not cover many pages, I would like you to cite line numbers instead of page numbers.

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