The United States Marshal Service

The United States of America is a nation that pays keen attention to matters security. It uphold this timeless culture that has thrived in the two centuries it has been in existence with the aim of maintaining law and order throughout this vast country. The United States is famously referred to by many as the “land of the free,” a national psyche that was instilled in all of its citizens to strive for greatness. Over the years, it has been the poster child for societal, economical and innovative success all which is tied to a strict adherence to the Constitution and all the principles therein.  The Federal Government has an assortment of law agencies harnessed to the benefit of its citizenry in fulfilling this monumental mandate. As per the United States Code (U.S.C), these auxiliaries are meant to put into effect federal laws across the country. One such authority is the Department of Justice which also has the United States Marshals Service (USMS) as a law enforcement agency (Cooley, 1959, p. 127). The U.S Marshal Service executes its mandate in ensuring that it bolsters the authority of all federal courts. In this essay, I will provide a detailed research of the U.S Marshal Service, its roles, entry requirements and its future in the United States.

         Brief History Of The United States Marshal Service

United States Marshals Service Research Paper
United States Marshals Service 

The U.S Marshal Service is one of the oldest agencies in the United States and traces its origin to the period following the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. The Union was a young country that had in its possession, one if the most significant land territories belonging to any independent nation. Imperialist powers such as the Spanish in the south and the British and French in the north still surrounded this young country, hence the need to be precarious. The Founding Fathers wanted to display their effective occupation of the territory and in so doing demonstrate that they were in full control. President George Washington noted, with great concern, that there was an administrative gap in the manner in which the Federal Government was enforcing law and order (United States, 1981, p. 89). The Old West was a rugged swathe mostly occupied by marauding bands of vicious Indians, thieving outlaw gangs and pioneers who were in the quest for an “American Dream.” The Judiciary Act of 1789 was responsible for the creation of the of the First Congress with the primary duty of ensuring that the local courts in these areas upheld the law totality by providing the execution of warrants(“History of the Federal Civil Service, 1789 to the Present. United States Civil Service Commission Federal Employment under the Merit System. United States Civil Service Commission Fifty-Eighth Annual Report, United States Civil Service Commission Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1941,” 1942, p. 127). In those early days, courts were limited in their activities. It could proclaim and pronounce the judgment that was to be meted out to offenders but had no powers when it came to enforcing their rulings. The U.S Marshal was therefore expected to act as officers of the laws and offer their skills in carrying out their law-enforcement duties.

    Duties Of The United States Marshal Service

From the onset, the Federal Government was responsible for providing roles that were spelled out. The general idea was to ensure that the law, as prescribed by the United States Constitution, was adhered to by all American citizens in addition to an augmentation of the courts capacity to function optimally. The primary duties during this epoch were to ensure that they had secured locations where trials were to commence, dealing with all necessary paperwork, managing federal prisoners and providing that junior officers present at the courtroom were all paid. Most people forget these crucial duties that were conducted by the marshal but remember the role as enforcers of law and apprehending fugitive criminals as popularized by Hollywood productions. Over the years the U.S Marshal Service morphed into a remarkable agency able to fit perfectly into its role while taking on new duties. Arresting fugitives escaping the federal judiciary system has become one of its principal function especially considering that many offenders choose not to honor their hearings. Similarly, the agency is responsible for movement and management of all federal prisoners in their custody. They ensure that those in jails attend their hearings and make use of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS) to realize this objective.

 How To Join The United States Marshal Service

The Department of Justice has formulated strict criteria that applicants have to satisfy for them to join the U.S Marshal Service. To start with all applicants must be American citizens in the age bracket of age 21 and 36 (“United States,” n.d., p. 138). They are also required to produce identification in the form of a driver’s license to prove their ethical conduct. As is with all law enforcement agencies, the individual in question has to pass a physical fitness test as a standard operating procedure. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree is a stipulation together with sufficient working experience that often serves as an added advantage. A sizeable amount of Americans strive to join the U.S Marshal Service due to the work ethic they have displayed. During the Civil Rights era, they were in the forefront in ensuring that the integration policy was in full implementation mode in the American South. Many still remember members of this agency for escorting an African American student to the University of Mississippi and ensuring that registration to the institution was open to all regardless of color.

In conclusion, the U.S Marshal Service still stands as an example of American citizens taking charge and governing themselves. In essence, they served as stewards of the constitution in implementing directives from the federal judicial system. The future is always full of uncertain but what is assured is that this agency will continue serving citizens diligently as it has done the past two hundred years.

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