Tools and Resources Available to Healthcare Leaders to Guide Their Efforts Toward Sustainable Operations

There are numerous tools available to health care leaders to help guide their efforts toward sustainable operations. Some of the tools and resources include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Guide for Health Care, Architecture 2030, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit, and Green Power Partnership. LEED is a tool developed by the US Green Building Council to serve as a national benchmark for the construction, designing, and operation of high-performance green buildings such as hospitals (Coussens & Frumkin, 2007). 

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Green Guide for Health Care was first released in 2003 to fill the market need for green building tools, particularly for health care. The tool integrates enhanced environmental and health practices and principles into the planning, construction, design, operations, and maintenance of health care facilities (Coussens & Frumkin, 2007). Regarding Architecture 2030, it is a resource designed to help buildings reduce energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases. Architecture 2030 partners with new and existing health care facilities to help them set targets to reach net-zero by 2030 (“Tools To Help You Get There – Sustainable Performance Institute”, 2021).

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit develops resources to help health care organizations track their greenhouse gas emission and set reduction goals. The toolkit is based on the philosophy that solving health care problems starts with setting ambitious goals (“Tools and Resources for Sustainable Communities | US EPA”, 2021). Lastly but equally important, Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that supports health care organizations in the procurement of green power through offering technical support, expert advice, resources, and tools. Collaborating with Green Power Partnership can help health care facilities reduce transaction costs and carbon footprint (“Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit”, n.d.)

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