Transitioning From Closed to Open Systems

Systems theory models of management in individual groups and relations highlight their dealings with “peripheral” performers and relations and center on being acquainted with the particular basics in the surroundings of the group or organization that at a great deal control the consequences of its management (Johnson, et al, n.d). To comprehend how an institution carries out its process and operations, open and closed models are considered.

Closed model suppose labor as homogenous, and that employees conduct themselves and operate similar way every time they tackle a comparable issue. According to this model, the administrator conducts himself the same way when presented with comparable issues at different occasions, and places. The model, therefore, exclude its operations from external environment. On the other hand, open model indentifies the consequences of peripheral factors and outlooks internal process in terms of variations in the peripheral setting. As a result, open model get based on the facts that no organization can operate for if it abandons external factors.

Operation efficiencies are major factors that determine the success of health care facility. To improve these issues in a facility, the administration may opt to apply open model or closed model. In application of closed model in these issues, the administrator excludes external environment in decision making process and applies the same measure that were applied to improve operation efficiencies in past (Marquis and Huston, 2012). On the other hand, when the same issue is solved by applying open model, administrators improve the operation efficiencies depending on the new health laws emerging, new rules, and new implemented repayment methods.

Due to this, open models becomes essential as external pressures inflict new forces and confronts that forces the organization to react, be conventional, become accustomed, and innovate (Meyer and O’Brien-Pallas, 2010). When this model is properly applied by management, operation effectiveness in nursing facilities will improve, therefore, improving service delivery.


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