Is The United States-Mexico Border Wall Worth The Monetary Cost?

 Purpose Statement

In this new age of globalization, border security remains as important as the national safety of a country. Some individuals still view boundaries as irrationalities and vagaries of history because of the arbitrary nature in which their institution took, but the fact still remains that they exist presently and are very useful to many states. Borders are vital because they frame states contributing to the formation of an orderly international system. It is only through the presence of a border that a state can bind sovereignty as its recognition often implies the total acceptance of the power that exists within the boundaries(Rael & Cruz, 2017, p. 67)Border security is a vital segment of immigration reforms and plays a significant role in defending a country against terrorist and helps in the interdiction of illegal drugs. Weak borders have the potential to allow smugglers and illegal aliens into a country, a situation that often has adverse effects on the economy. The United States is known globally for being at the forefront of ensuring that it has a robust security team as seen in 2006 with the start of Operation Jump Start (Rael and Cruz 56). In this operation, the federal government was responsible for deploying nearly 6,000 troops from the National Guard across the border with Mexico to bolster the Border Patrol securing the area. It was a program that was in full acknowledgement of the importance of border security and was thus meant to control the southern border from illegal migrants crossing over to the United States and Schedule 1 drugs.  It is for this reason that the Department of Homeland Security receives all the resources it requires to ensure that it protects the borders in the United States and keep the American citizenry safe.

Research Question

Is the United States-Mexico border wall worth the monetary cost?


Design Statement

For one to establish whether a border wall separating the United States and Mexico is worth the financial cost, an objective for carrying out the study must come first as part of the methodology for the study. This study aims to use the available frameworks to establish whether building the wall will benefit the American people, from a fiscal perspective, and what its implications will be if it is a worthwhile investment. An estimate put the figure at 8 billion dollars to complete the whole process of building a security border wall spanning four states; Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona (Vélez-Ibañez & Heyman, 2017, p.46) . In setting up the wall, every economic perspective must be put to the table to establish whether building the wall will be worth the exorbitant cost that it will have on the American taxpayer.

The study will also contain the operational definitions for the study (in this case- border wall and monetary cost). A border wall refers to a separation barrier running along an international border to curb human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal immigration. Monetary value, on the other hand, is the amount, regarding liquid funds, which a service or product will cost the consumer. The hypotheses of this study will further assist us in establishing whether the building of this wall will bear any fruits while determining who will benefit the most(financially) from it construction. Building a wall of such magnitude requires massive resources to complete, the more reason why there should be a direct correlation between the cost and the financial benefits that will accrue from it.

In the research philosophy, the study will make use of a wide range of resources in addition to incorporating interviews. The material here will feature countries around the world that have built border walls; the Spanish Ceuta border fence, Hong Kong/China, Botswana/Zimbabwe, Bulgaria/Turkey, India/Bangladesh, Iran/Pakistan and the West Bank barrier built by Israel  (Vallet, 2016., p. 6). These resources will supply the study with sufficient information about the economic cost of these border walls and whether they were of any economic benefit to these countries. Similarly, the research approach will develop possible strategies that aim at establishing the real cost of this undertaking an all those it will affect directly while giving alternative solutions.

The research strategy here will be a combination of a case study approach and qualitative research. The case study approach will be vital in providing a multi-faceted exploration of all the complex issues in a real-life setting while providing the benefits of using this methodological approach. Qualitative research will also assist in understanding all the underlying reasons why the wall is being built in the first place, providing an insight into the problem. A time horizon is also critical for the research, and since it is longitudinal, it will explore the resources available versus the future needs of the American people to establish whether building a border wall is a priority. The use a questionnaire will be the most appropriate data collection method due to the access that is there to the American populace. The data will then be put under scrutiny to establish the underlying sentiments that most of the subjects express while gathering vital information from economic pundits.

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