Universal Basic Income Vs Universal Jobs Guarantee – Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of Universal Basic Income

The UBI aims to improve the wellbeing of the poor as well as allowing the poor people to have more freedom by distributing their benefits in terms of money instead of in-kind transfers. Moreover, it ensures that there is more education where the young working class pursues more educational opportunities. In the middle class, the individuals take the time to travel and explore the globe and hence enriching their lives. Therefore, it makes it easier for people to stay in school longer because the costs are less. It also increases the birth rate since the potential parents are offered security and hence is encouraged to have more children (Tcherneva pg74).


The fundamental rate of structural unemployment is increased since some individuals decide to be lazy living on UBI. Therefore, the number of beggars or moochers will tend to increase. Even though the birth rates are increased by UBI, it is also a disadvantage since the rates of single parenthood are increase and the burden will mainly fall on women. Moreover, the UBI also tends to erode private property since it collects about twice what it requires in terms of revenue. Finally, the application of UBI can also lead to inflation since the money circulating in the economy is not accounted for in terms of work (Ginneken pg290).

Advantages of Universal Jobs Guarantee

There are several benefits of universal job guarantee and these include poverty reduction since when jobs are available, many people get the chances to work and earn income. Moreover, it prevents many social evils associated with unemployment such as family break-ups and spousal abuse, drug abuse and crime (Tcherneva pg81). Besides, skills are also enhanced because of the job training involved in the process.


The only disadvantage is the lack of enough jobs to cater for all people and this can leads to organizations being overcrowded.

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