Urban Environment Vs Expansive Environment – Compare And Contrast Essay

An urban environment consists of a high population concentration and immense human characteristics. It is also characterized by a lot of buildings in an inadequate space. On the other hand, an expansive wilderness is an uncultivated and unsettled area which is in its natural form.

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Similarities Between Urban Environment and Expansive Environment

There are various similarities and differences between an urban environment and an expansive wilderness. To start with, the two are similar in that, in both there is risk and danger. In an urban environment, there is danger in terms of crimes due to the high concentration of different types of people both employed and unemployed. The unemployed will tend to earn a living through robbery and through this they harm and kill individuals as they try to rob them. On the other hand, in an expansive environment, there is a danger where that environment is composed of wild animals. For example, it is dangerous for tourists to explore a wilderness without security since they may come across dangerous wild animals. Moreover, both places are risky in that, in an urban environment, there is risk of contracting diseases due to the congested environment and poor garbagedisposal which leads to accumulation of bacterias. On the other hand, in an expansive wilderness there is risk in human beings creating their settlements there. This is due to the wild animals which are dangerous and also some of the places are uninhabitable for human beings.

Differences Between Urban Environment and Expansive Environment

The differences are as follows; in an urban environment the air is widely polluted due to high concentration of people, industries emitting fumes and accumulation of garbage in towns. On the contrast, in an expansive wilderness there is fresh air. In addition, an urban environment is full of buildings and its hard to trace some green pasture. To the contrary, an expansive wilderness is a natural environment with green pastures. Another difference is that, an expansive wilderness is the major site for tourist attraction and is a major source of national income of a country. An urban environment, differ with an expansive wilderness in that, it is not a tourist attraction site.To finalize, an urban environment is more developed than an expansive wilderness in terms of industries and buildings.

In conclusion, both the urban environment and expansive environment are important to some extent. In an urban environment,most people come to look for employment opportunities while in an expansive wilderness, benefits those people who love adventure and natural environment.

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