Use Of Correlation in Real Life – Grand Canyon Sym 506 Weekly Discussion

Grand Canyon –  Sym 506 Weekly Discussion

Provide an example of where you could use correlation in real life. Explain why a t-test is necessary before you accept this correlation as being real in the population.

There various situations in which correlation can be used in real life. This will include both negative and positive correlation. Positive correlation refers to an association between two variables where in if one variable increased the second variable increases too and if one decreases the other one decrease too.  Some of the real life situations where positive correlation can be applied include for instance, there is a direct relation between the time spent on direct sunlight with the level or severity of sunburn. The more u stay in the direct sunlight the severely you are burnt and vice versa.  Another direct correlation is the length of the hair and the shampoo used, the longer the hair the more the shampoo used to wash it and vice versa.  Another example is that the more cash you save the more you will feel financially secure. Others examples include increase of individual spending based on the salary increase, the higher the employees’ salary and incentives the higher their job efficiency, and the more coffee you drink the more hours you will spend awake. T-test evaluates if the two groups’ means differs from each other statistically. The analysis is essential when one want to contrast the two groups’ means. Thus t-test can be used to measure the mean of the two correlated situations or its variance.  The variation between their means can dictate on how correlated the situation is to each other. For instance the mean of the salary increase with the mean of the performance increase can be measured through correlation to establish their association. The mean difference obtained through t-test can highly tell if the two variables are correlated or not.

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