Waiting for Doctor

BUSI 1099 Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of this assignment is for you to:

  • Specifically identify and recognize the main causes of the service breakdown that is occurring in the physician?s workplace, and to
  • Specifically recommend how service recovery can occur. You are also expected to identify and provide specific examples of new and creative techniques the doctor can incorporate into her business practices in order to build and maintain life-long customer relationships.

Case: Waiting For the Doctor

As a young and ambitious physician, Rebecca Stacie was constantly looking for ways to improve office efficiency. She had recently decided to work as a sole practitioner in her own medical clinic specializing in internal medicine. Within a few months, word had gotten around about how helpful and thorough she was ? she seemed to be more caring and more willing to take time with patients.

Her opportunity has a downside. As her patient load increased, she began to hear grumbling from her patients about long wait times. One rather outspoken elderly patient had told her point blank that she was fed up with all of the waiting. ?You schedule me for 9am and I get here a few minutes early. Then I sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes or more. Then your nurse calls me into an exam room and I get to sit there for another half hour. I show you the courtesy of being here on time and I?d appreciate it if you?d show similar respect for my time doctor.?

Dr. Stacie apologized and said she would work on being more punctual although it was very difficult to judge how long each patient visit would take. When she asked her office staff if they were hearing more complaints they said they were. ?And the problem is taking on a new look? said her office nurse. ?Patients are showing up later and later. They don?t even apologize. They typically say they know they?ll be waiting and the doctor will be late, so why should they try to get to their appointment on time.? Of course, the tardy patients tie up everyone else and the problem gets worse for everyone.

Waiting For the Doctor Assignment Questions

  1. If you were managing Dr. Stacie?s offices, what specific actions would you implement in order to ensure that all her patients receive timely and professional services? List at least 5 actions and justify why you would implement these actions.
  2. As a customer service consultant, what specific recommendations would you give the doctor that would help her manage the patient?s expectations more effectively? List at least 5 actions and justify why you would implement these actions.
  3. As a professional customer service consultant, what new and creative techniques would you recommend in order to build and maintain long-term customer relationships ? in other words ? to ensure these patients will likely remain patients ?for life??List at least 5 actions and justify why you would implement these actions.

Assignment Requirements

  • Typed report 2-3 pages in length – Use Arial Font 12. SUBMIT TO DROP BOX
  • Cover page including: Student full name, Student Number, Instructor’s Name and Assignment Name.
  • Be specific when answering all 3 questions ? refer to your text for specific key terms and concepts when answering questions.
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