War on Drugs – Legalization, Decriminalization, or Status Quo

The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers take a stand on legalization, decriminalization, or status quoregarding how drug use is treated in our society.

Write a 1,500 -word paper that responds to the following question:

  • Would you apply this strategy (legalization, decriminalization, or status quo) across the board or employ different stances depending on the substance?
  • Defend your position with at least three peer-reviewed articles in addition to the text and video.  Be sure to cite and reference both the textbook and the video.
  • Include a discussion about the victims of the approach you would select and how you would advocate for that population.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.  This includes correctly citing and referencing your articles.  Please use a running head on the title page, use headings, and follow all other APA guidelines for setting up the paper.


Note.For this paper, it is not acceptable to use political websites that are not based on sound research. You must use scholarly works that have taken a critical thinking approach versus an unsupported emotional one.


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