Water Exercise Therapy Program

Aquatic therapy Therapists working in water are the top believers in aquatic benefit therapy. There are few special group populations that can be used for water exercise therapy program. They include:

Polytraumatic patients

This is a population which has been subjected to several traumatic injuries. Examples of such injuries include serious burn in addition to a critical head injury.

Osteoarthritis Patients

These are patients whose protective cartilage on the ends of their bones wear down over time. Such patients are advised to stay active and also to maintain their healthy weight to slow progression of this disease and also to improve joint function.

Geriatric Patients

These are older persons having impaired overall function. Such patients have no set age. However, they are usually above 75 years old. They have chronic illness (es), cognitive impairment and/or physical impairment

As a therapist, I would perform the following movements;

Deep water bicycle: In water, I would loop 1-2 noodles on my back and rest my arms on the noodle top for support. Then, move legs for 3-5 minutes as if I am riding a bicycle.

Sidestepping: I would face the wall of the pool and take several sideways steps.

Jogging or water walking: I would do backward and forward walking in waist or chest higher water.

Water therapy requires certain strength regime. Examples include;

Upper body exercises should be done in water that immerses the patient’s arms. Lower body exercises such as lunges, squats and calf raises should be done in waist deep water to allow resistance. Resistance can be increased by using weighted vest or handheld weights.

For any water therapy program, patients should contact their physician prior to starting. Water therapy should not be done by patients having Autonomic dyslexia, communicable diseases, hydrophobia, orthostatic hypotension, poor cognition, Dependence in ambulance etc.

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