Wellness and What it Covers

Wellness can be regarded as an integrated technique of functioning that is concerned with maximizing the possibility in which a person is capable, in the environment he or she is operating in. It involves a positive approach to health and life that assists in maximizing the potential of a person. Wellness is based on two crucial concerns which include the recognition of the fullest ability of a person economically, psychically, spiritually, psychologically and socially, and the fulfillment of individual’s expectations role in the workplace, family, worship place, and community among other settings. Wellness can thus be measured using various dimensions that include physical, environmental, emotional/psychological, occupational, social, spiritual, and intellectual (Geog.uvic.ca, n.d.).Physical wellness focuses on physical activity, proactive and preventive action, self-care, and nutrition that focus on taking care of individual physical body. I have always tried to ensure my physical wellness by ensuring that I always take balanced diet meals, and enough water as recommended every day. This ensures that my body does not lack in terms of nutritional value. I also engage in 15 minutes of vigorous physical exercises and 25 minutes of light physical exercises every day. I always try to take good care of myself in all possible perspectives that include avoiding things that can make me ill such as untreated water and contaminated air. I always wear protective clothing when working in places prone to injuries to ensure that I am safe. However, I always struggle with my sleeping time. I always get to bed late and even when I get to bed early, I always catch some sleep past 1 pm. This makes it hard for me to maintain good physical health as I would have wished.

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