What is the Meaning of Life? – Jesus Christ, Confucius, Prophet Muhammad , Buddha

In reference to a satisfying life, a life worth living or simply the good life; one characterized by a sense of purpose,fulfillment, and satisfaction, according to Jesus Christ would constitute the reunion between God and man. In this reunion, those who are lost would be found, those who are weary would find rest, and so that all who believe in Him may have life and have it in full.Confucianism believes the nature of humans to be intrinsically good. Confucius the man placed more emphasis on matters of sociology and humanity than he did on matters of the spirit. Filial piety was so important to Confucius that in Confucianism, the prioritization of one’s possession of love and respect for a person’s parents and ancestors ranks highly, followed by humanness and loyalty. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Jesus Christ: A relationship has been lost between God and his children. Having been sent to restore this relationship, my life will signify the love of the Father for His children. This relationship will fulfill the desires of their hearts, which will give them satisfaction and contentment, since God wishes only the best for His children. Surrender and submission to the will of God the father, is the access pass to experiencing life to the fullest.

Being one to be interested in the relationship between children and their parents, Confucius would then take a pause from feeding and ask with keen interest…

Confucius: What would that relationship entail?

Jesus Christ being one who loves rhetoric, illustrations, and parables would take in the question find an inspired illustration using the chicken and dumplings as his props before responding.

Jesus Christ: The use of gifts and talents by God’s children, to not only accomplish the Father’s will by obedience, but also to express and proclaim in praise and worship the greatness of God their Father, both in spirit and in truth.

Confucius: I would say the meaning of life is revolves around self-improvement. This is so because the nature of a human being is that can he be taught, improved, and even perfected through the efforts of the community that he lives in or his own attempts at creation of self and cultivation of self. True wisdom can be attained through the understanding that all things are controlled and regulated by mechanisms beyond us.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):To know Allah is the meaning of life, to search like hidden treasure and to uncover the nature of Allah. Life on earth is a test with only two outcomes in the afterlife; hell or paradise, and the way to ensure one’s place in paradise is to worship Allah and to observe the guidelines in accordance with the Qur’an. Obedience to Allah will determine where one’s soul ends up on the Day of Judgment. Well, as the last prophet, my job is guide humanity towards this realization.

Buddha seated in his signature full-lotus position, would then remark as calmly as humanly possible.

Buddha: When hungry eat. The meaning of life is about the pursuance of the end of human suffering. Detachment is the key out of human sufferingand with the release of unhealthy attachment to materials and non-materials one attains well-being or otherwise known Nirvana; release from pain and suffering. Nirvana is not attained by fighting desire but by embracing conceptual attachments and cravings.

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