What type of assets are capital assets and how do they differ from current assets?

Capital assets, also referred to as capital goods and plant, property and equipment, are a kind of non-current asset. The main purpose of these assets is generating revenue for an entity by being used for one or more purposes. An example of a capital asset is a delivery truck used by a delivery firm; the truck helps to generate revenue for the firm as they use it to provide delivery services. A firm does not sell capital goods to generate revenue (as they would sales stock), and they may keep them many years.
Current assets are assets that are expected to be used or turned into cash by the end of the reporting period. This includes sales stock (which is expected to be sold, at least in part, by the end of the reporting period), and bank (which the entity is likely to spend cash from within the reporting period). Capital assets are not current assets, as they are not expected to be turned into cash or used up within the reporting period.

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