Work-life Benefits offered by Organizations

Employee benefits are an important component of ensuring that there is increased productivity in the workplace, as well as increased customer satisfaction. Many companies have adopted several approaches to offering benefits to their workers. This is in a bid to ensure that there is an adequately motivated workforce (Milkovich et al., 2011). It is the role of organizations to ensure that the best motivational practices are designed and affected by the organization. Each organization focuses on implementing the most suitable benefits plan that suits its setting. Organizations that focus on having vibrant employee benefits always have a high chance of succeeding in the market.

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Work-life benefits play an integral role in ensuring that employees can perform well in the work environment. Such work-life benefits as child care, counseling services, gym memberships, and employee assistance programs (EAP) play a crucial part in the productivity of employees. These programs are usually expensive if employees are to find them from private providers. In cases where they are provided by the employer, it helps to increase job satisfaction as the programs help them to save money. The provision of such benefits as free gym enrolments and counseling services at the workplace helps to improve the health condition of employees (Milkovich et al., 2011). The investment in such programs indicates that the organization is interested in the well-being of its workers. As a consequence, they contribute to the motivation of the staff, which leads to increased productivity and makes it easy for an organization to succeed in the market.

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The implementation of work-life benefits should enable an organization to have a better alignment of total rewards with strategic goals and objectives. Organizations should ensure that there is harmony between all the programs that are aimed at motivating employees. As such, it is crucial to ensure that employees not only get financial benefits, but also work-life benefits that helps to harmonize everything. This approach ensures that organizations embrace a holistic approach in their employee benefits plans. According to a research by Muse et al. (2008), organizations that implement robust work-life benefits for employees, in addition to other employee benefits schemes, performed better than those companies without robust employee benefits programs. As such, there is a need for organizations to view employee benefits as a way of motivating workers to help an organization to achieve its goals.

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The two most important types of work-life benefits are child care and counseling. Many people that have young families usually agonize on how to balance their work with their family duties. As such, it is critical to focus on providing workers with child care benefits which helps them to have a better focus in the workplace. Workplace counseling services also help to manage depression in the workplace. These forms of work-life benefits are better than the other options because they are easy to implement, and have a direct impact on the lives of employees. The main disadvantage of these two approaches is that they can be expensive for an organization to sustain (Muse et al., 2008). As a worker, I would benefit from frequent counseling.

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In conclusion, work-life benefits are crucial in the motivation of employees. Organizations should focus on integrating these benefits with the overall employee benefits programs in order to achieve the best results. Organizations that invest in their employees have the greatest chance of achieving their goals and targets. These benefits help employees to focus on improving their performances in their workplace.

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