Wyoming Mental Health Professional Licensing Board – Healthcare Licensing


Wyoming Mental Health Professional Licensing board carries out the important function of regulation and licensing of social workers, addictions, family and marriage therapists. The board of the licensing body has six members. The six members are all licensed and who include a clinical social worker, family and marriage therapist, addictions therapist, a professional counsellor and two members in the public domain total six members. The experience required of the four professionals on the board is three years. The board members are Sue Lat, Kristin Sweden, Gordon Mickelson, BJ Ayers, Kelly Heenan, and Lance Goede. The board is gender sensitive as they are almost equal numbers of men and women. Goede is a Dutch name and the other names are further diverse. Most of the board is as clearly representative of the needs of the community as most of the members in the board are gender sensitive. As such, the community needs are clearly met by the different professional who are balanced by the genre sensitive board in place. Since there are, two members form the public on the board they provide a wider scope on the understanding of consumer needs in the community (Robiner & Crew, 2000).

The economic challenges facing various models in healthcare organizations are changing to models that are value based. Since the value, based systems will include the healthcare facilities engaging in local markets, which will further need them to adapt to the local environment (Swayne et al., 2012). Growing and securing the market share is going to be a problem to the healthcare sector, as they will have to weigh various options in entering different markets especially in collaborating with other businesses in obtaining a larger market share. Coming with other revenue options is another challenge, which needs more business options that are not directly related to the care of patient and may include pharmaceutical research, telemedicine and ambulatory services among other alternatives. As such, the licensing agencies among other companies face these challenges and therefore the dynamics in the health market are quite far reaching and thus affecting the healthcare service provision.


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