A Look into The Spanish Community during Pueblo Revolt

By August 1680, the indigenous Pueblo countries within the Southwest had managed to attain something that was almost similar to the history of the European invasion of Northern America; where they expelled their colonizers fully from their land and resumed to rule themselves. This struggle had started in 1540, when the Francisco Vasquez de Coronado directed the northward expansion for the New Spain into American Southwest, pursued by Don Juan de Onate, who instigated the foremost Spanish colony within the region by 1598. Apart from the colony, there emerged both Spanish soldiers whom subjugated the indigenous community to the Franciscan and Crown friars hence converting them to Catholicism. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing information concerning Spanish community during the period of Pueblo Revolt (Liebmann, 2008).

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At this juncture, the indigenous community of the region was comprised of widely and diverse dispersed group of autonomous countries. However, after the arrival of Spanish, they separated people they came across into two categories namely pueblos and barbarous. The word ‘barbarian’ was traced from the language employed while discussing the nomadic countries of Southwest individuals including Navajo, Apaches, Comanches, Utes and Paiutes. On the other hand, ‘Pueblo’ was confirmed to survive into the current day to collectively demonstrate immense nations within the region which traditionally had established 3 & 4 story adobe homes, practiced agriculture as well as apartment block-style (Preucel, 2007).

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Moreover, during this period, there existed 110 Pueblo communities distributed over hundreds miles where there lived about one hundred thousand individuals. Actually, the Spanish were confirmed to lump all these societies together, though in reality, they appeared to be diversified based on the language to social structure and also through speaking mutually and distinctive unintelligible languages (Liebmann, 2008). However, the process of Spanish settlement was deemed to be merciless within the new province of Nuevo Mexico as it was done in all regions within Spain. Precisely, the provincial administration was confirmed to declare all things that existed in this place at the property of King Philip II and also ruling that all people must be his subjects (Spicer, 1962).

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Furthermore, the ‘tribute’ to church and crown were demanded within the form of the ‘encomiendo’, where the forced requisition of 10% or more of Pueblo crops for reinforcing the colony, and ‘repartimiento’ for attending the colony’s vegetation and building mission churches were normally constructed straight away on top of the subversive chambers Puebloans which were employed to support religious practices (Wilcox & Wilcox, 2009).

In addition, native resistance was faced with brutal reaction. For instance, during the fight with Spanish soldiers at the Acoma’s pueblo, up to eight hundred Acomans were confirmed to be murdered by the more equipped Spanish army. This conflict was probably geared by the act of Spanish soldiers stealing turkeys whereas the troops were in the offing for the corn they were available to requisition. Otherwise, the remaining six hundred Acomans were rendered into trial as a result of the revolt. In addition, eighty men within the group were sentenced for having their right foot being knifed off, followed by a 20 years of slavery. Generally, women and men beneath 25 were also sentenced to twenty years slavery, while girls and boys below 12 years were forced to operate as servants within the Spanish household, but at least sixty of the girls were witnessed to end up being slaves in Mexico. While summing up, this revolt was verified to bring about suffering and triggering economic depression hence making community’s livelihood to be very hard (Knaut, 2015).

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