Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion

Ethics is deemed as a branch of philosophy involving systematizing, protecting and recommending concepts of wrong and right conduct; and it is derived from the Ancient Greek. The branch of philosophy axiology entails the sub-branches of aesthetics and it concentrates on the value’s concepts. Being the branch of philosophy, ethics evaluates the questions; what is the best mean for the people to exit? And what the actions that are wrong or right in specific circumstances? Practically, ethics tries to resolve questions concerning human morality, through defining concepts including evil and good, wrong and right, vice and virtue, crime and just. As a field of intellectual enquiry, moral philosophy is also linked with the fields of descriptive ethics, value theory and moral philosophy. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing information concerning ethical considerations within the global expansion (McMurrian & Matulich, 2006).

Generally, there are various ethical challenges which have been confirmed to cumber the process of expanding market in the global view. Foremost, diversity is amongst the leading barrier since the individuals are differentiated into immense categories based on gender, age and religion hence having distinctive and conceivably contrasting preferences and views concerning appropriate courses of consuming organizational goods and services. Based on this, the producer undergoes hardships while trying to decide the specific goods and services to be provided to certain group of individuals (Saini, 2013).

Moreover, globalization also brings about immense problem since various individuals have been raised in different cultures thus being endowed with distinctive responses towards provided products and services. Indeed, this condition is acting as speed bumping factor particularly when the business owner tries to determine the type of goods and services suiting a particular group of people within a specific country. In connection to this, some countries are contained with some by-laws which restrict effectual and effective progression of the business hence making the foreign investors to encounter lots of financial constraints while trying to market their businesses in other nations (Saini, 2013).

At this juncture, I will choose Paris as the best place to invest since it is contained with diverse business opportunities and stability powers. Foremost, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Center for International and Missions with the reinforcement of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center within Paris, has currently confirmed that this city is contained with suitable marketing conditions which can also foreign investors. It is based with this argument and confirmation that I am choosing this area so as to ensure that the newly established business shall be contained with stability powers (McMurrian & Matulich, 2006).

Moreover, Paris has been for long time considered as the international hub for fashion design, hence having a potential of embracing new ideas as well as novel businesses from foreign investors. For instance, this city is originally considered as the home of haute couture, hence having long trends of fashions from Europe. Based on this, the city has remained the largest industry and it is heavily supported and regulated by the administration due to its tourist and economic value. As a result, it will be possible to advance progressively since I shall harness various business ideas even from other foreign customers within the city and thus expanding my competitive powers within the market (Saini, 2013).

As far as the model of national culture consisting of six dimensions is concerned, it is clear that this is the best city to motivate international investors who are willing to conduct business in foreign countries. Accordingly, the evaluation of various theoretical dimensions including power distance index (PDI), masculinity versus feminity (MAS), individualism versus collectivism (IDV), long term orientation versus short term normative orientation (LTO), uncertainty avoidance index (UAI), and indulgence versus restraint (IND); have indicated that this country is contained with effective preferences for a single state affairs hence indicting that Paris is more competent as compared to other cities. Actually, Paris has showed higher scores on the relative dimensions hence indicating a higher potential of reinforcing foreign investors (Saini, 2013).

Actually, Paris city is contained with immense factors which are going concurrently with my business’s mission, vision, and values, hence proving that the business ready to be established is contained with stability powers. Foremost, the organizational mission is serve international customers with goods and services which matches value of their money. By transacting business in Paris, it will be easily and efficiently to produce various goods that are acceptable in the market. This will be possible since the city is deemed as the fashion centre due to allowing lots of foreign to bring various ideas hence raising competition and in turn leading to hike in quality of goods and services offered in this place. Comparatively, it is clear that this factor will fuel the chances of manufacturing quality products and services as well as providing these goods and services through fair prices since there is stiff competition in the region (Saini, 2013).

Moreover, the vision of my company is to reach huge volume of customers in the entire universe. Precisely, this mission is being favoured and geared by the fact that I shall establish my business in Paris. Genuinely, this has created an avenue where many investors from foreign nations meet, thereby allowing all businessmen to share ideas, thus making it possible to realize the preferences contained by various customers from other nations. Generally, this business centre will facilitate economics connection in various regions hence making it possible to establish business even abroad without encountering much hardship since the investor will have learnt lots while transacting deals in Paris. Additionally, this region shall gear my business to maintain its values. For instance, it will be possible to sustain quality production, ethical reaction towards the customers, as well as maintaining higher discipline based on time consciousness, sanity as well as keeping potential customer being updated to newly goods, services and innovations (McMurrian & Matulich, 2006).

The progression of expansion of my company in Paris city shall revolve around various issues which are considered to heighten stability and competent powers of the entire business. Foremost, I shall focus on improvement of the enterprise and this can be made effective and effectual through ascertaining that company’s infrastructures has been advanced hence fuelling the chances of holding huge amount of customers. Moreover, I shall be focused on improving ways of conducting various services and distribution of goods and services to new clients hence being able to attract lots of customers to consume organizational goods. Moreover, I shall advance business management skills since the company shall involve lots of transactions due to operating internationally. However, I shall be observing various ethical values based on time consciousness, quality production, fair prices and adherence to customers’ preferences and choices of goods and services (McMurrian & Matulich, 2006).

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