How to Effectively Network Within the the Hospital Setup

Write an article about how to effectively network within the health care sector in which you work.

Building Your Strategic Alliances

Career progression is a desire that everyone in any given career envisions to realize. One is able to advance their career by engaging in various strategies. These include pursuing further education, attending numerous conferences, skills development, and networking (Straw, 2017). Networking is one of the most crucial steps for anyone that wishes to progress in their career. Networks provides one with opportunities to meet many people on the same career path that can provide better advice and direction on how a person can progress themselves. Networking is also good in a case where one wishes to learn of new job opportunities, as well as to meet with persons who may be helpful in improving one’s growth. There are many strategies that one can use in a healthcare environment such as a hospital to improve on their networking.

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One of the main ways is to be deliberate about one’s approach to networking. Networking requires a lot of skill for one to be successful in ensuring that the necessary and useful contacts are made. The right impression should also be made in order to ensure that the networking is successful. In the hospital setup, an illustration of skills is essential for one’s relevance to be noticed. In a case where a junior doctor is working under a consultant, it is important to illustrate that one has the required skills to attend to patients as expected. Additionally, one should illustrate the willingness to learn quickly and improve one’s skills and knowledgebase. The willingness to learn is a form of networking and illustrates to seniors that one has a good attitude in the working environment (Easttom II & Roberts, 2018). It is also useful in regards to working in new environments where one is required to pick up new skills quickly for a seamless transition into the working environment. Considering that healthcare workers can work in diverse healthcare environments, the ability to demonstrate the willingness to learn boosts the confidence of workmates and seniors, which can help to open new opportunities.

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Another important strategy of networking is through increased engagements in main areas that cast a spotlight into a person’s career path. In the hospital setup, it is important for one to take part in presentations in order to improve one’s profile. Presentations in different topics related to continuous medical education (CME) is crucial in ensuring that one comes into contact with senior medical personal and get noticed. In a case where medic illustrates consistency and a good grasp of medical knowledge in regards to patient care, it becomes easy to make a lasting impression on consultants and other potential employers who may quickly offer better opportunities.  A person should also be ready to provide their in-depth and impactful introduction whenever an opportunity presents itself (Harlin, U., & Berglund, 2019). A person should also create great rapport with patients. Patients come from different sectors, and some could be potential employers. As such, one should recognize this space and exploit it in a meaningful way.

In conclusion, networking in the hospital setup is almost similar to networking in other working environments. A person should be intentional and purposeful while networking in order to have their message and approach resonating among those who are around them. One should take their opportunity in presentations and in the working space in order to network with colleagues, seniors, and even patients.

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