How Turbulence Increases Need for Organic Networking

The world and business environment are constantly changing

More organizations than ever before are facing turbulent environments at present, and some have been forced out of business as a result. The organization that we are going to focus on is Google. Turbulence in an organization can be used to the advantage of an organization if correctly analyzed by the management. The turbulence can have a negative an adverse effect on the organization and bring about a crisis if not dealt with accordingly and tactfully. Organizations, therefore, have to be careful of the turbulent environment they operate in as more changes are always taking place within and without organizations, which can affect the business positively or negatively.

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Turbulent times in the business environment at present should be handled the same they have been for a long time in use hierarchical methods associated with men in decision-making. Therefore, it is important to use the more flexible methods by women, which mostly focus on creating networks and thus are more efficient in making good relationships that help in furthering organic networking in organizations. Females therefore most dwell on establishing networking communities, exemplified by their mode of working in organizations, which is greatly needed in the organizations currently. Organization mostly uses mechanistic forms of managing workers by using bureaucratic practices, which significantly limit the adaptability of the organizations since workers are reduced to machines (Morgan, 2006). They cannot think outside their stipulated environment especially in developing new ways of approaching their tasks that can be beneficial to an organization.

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Organic Networking

It has been proven that organizations with organic networks adapt more to the turbulent environment than those that do not have such networks. In such turbulent cases, the management does not have enough control over the external situations affecting the business and therefore they have to adopt organics networking to ensure that they deal with the turbulent situations appropriately (Chen & Fong, 2015). The term organic in this sense is a biological concept and tends to show the organization as having a particular behavior and exhibit a certain way of life (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Organizations are therefore taken to be organisms that are sophisticated whereby particular parts represent which carry out various functions though they are related through a relationship network. Therefore, managers in using organic networking take the form of a model, which creates more autonomy between the various tasks in the organization though boundaries are imprecise. Rigidity in carrying out of tasks is significantly reduced, and thus a flexible environment in the organization is created using the organic model. The relationships among the various structures, processes, roles and tasks are more dynamic and, therefore, can adapt to the different difficult changes happening outside the organization.

Google is such an organization that has taken the approach of organic networking, which has helped it to adapt in turbulent business environments. More autonomy and flexibility in the work environment has given employees the opportunity of using their potential to the maximum. Organics networking at Google has resulted in many products that have made their mark in the technological industry. Google in giving more autonomy to its employees enables them to be independent in their thinking and not act like machines and in the end, they aim to come up with products that meet the needs of the market. Google looks for bright minds from universities and uses them to position itself in the market.

Organics networking is relevant to the current crop of businesses since their external environments are more turbulent and thus unpredictable and difficult to cope with. Organic networking comes in to remove a lot of bureaucracy in the organization and ensure that the various tasks are autonomies to come up with employees who are free to perform to their optimal potential (Sun, 2009). Organization in a sense has been regarded as machines that help in generating profits including the people. The human concept has not been associated with organizations. . Therefore, people are taken to be robots. The organic concept thus brings into play the idea of an organization as an organism. An organism usually adapts to the environment and is, therefore, flexible. Business, as a result, is viewed regarding organisms and, therefore, tends to come up with practices regarding tasks that are flexible as a result. The success therefore in the business world is greatly linked to approaches that are more feminine to business especially in networking, and therefore, organizations need to lay down their hierarchical practices and adopt organics networks to help them succeed.

The Need for Organic Networking

Google as an organization needs to train its workforce on organic system and the various implementations it is to make about networking. Google has carried out some practices associated with organic networking like creating a more flexible environment and giving workers more independence in the discharge of their duties (Burnes et al., 2009). Therefore, workers in such a case should undergo training to be adept in carrying out their duties and in scrutinizing other products in the market. Google has a difficult and turbulent environment and engages in many products like search engines, making cars that are self-driven, advertising by various companies on its websites and other companies to name a few. Therefore, the context of Google’s business is varied largely. Google should, therefore, enhance organic networking to help come up with strategies and products that are relevant to the market.


Google should, therefore, increase its marketing strategies, especially on its site. It should study the customers and thus gain a better approach through which it can attract more customers to its site and its product. In using organic networking, Google should employ ventures that will help it be congruent with its business environment and deal with the turbulence as a result (Bagautdinova et al., 2014). The notion that suggests that organisms adapt to their environment are important for Google as it engages in many businesses and, therefore, should put in specific measures that are related to different settings.

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