Benefits of Joining the American Cancer Society

Networking Through Health Care Associations

Find a health care association you would be interested in joining and follow it on LinkedIn® or subscribe to its newsletter. Gather details about membership fees and any discounts available with the membership. Identify current association members via social media and reach out to them to find out more about their experiences with and the benefits of having a membership.

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Write a proposal to your employer outlining the benefits of joining the selected health care association and the benefits of attending a meeting, convention or conference in-person. Provide a rationale of how your membership to the health care association and attending its event(s) will benefit your employer, contribute to your job responsibilities, and promote your own professional development. Include insight from the relationships you established to reinforce your rationale.

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Benefits Of Joining The American Cancer Society (ACS) And Attending Related Meetings, Conventions, And Conferences

A proposal to  management and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) outlining the benefits of joining the American Cancer Society (ACS) and attending related meetings, conventions, and conferences.

            The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a leading healthcare association devoted to eradicating the scourge of cancer in the United States and internationally. It is currently classified as a voluntary health organization with volunteers spanning the entire expanse of Continental America and the 48 adjoining states.  ACS’s coordinates activities from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with the aim of streamlining operations and contributing to the fight against cancer while supporting research endeavors aimed at finding a cure. The organization offers the following membership options; First-tier membership ($10), Star’s circle ($25), Patron’s circle ($75), Leader’s circle ($250), Hero’s circle ($500), Champion’s circle ($1,000), and the President’s circle ($3,000) (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, 2020). I firmly believe that our organization would benefit a great deal from liaising with and joining ACS due to its level of professionalism and the fact that its goals align with our structural objectives. Although our stakeholders have invested heavily in ensuring that the organization makes cumulative gains within its scope of practice, it is fundamental to strive for higher ideals such as those espoused by ACS when endeavoring to serve humanity. The following is a rationale of how the organization’s membership to ACS will benefit management and how attending related events will contribute to employee’s job responsibilities and promote individual professional development for posterity.

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Benefits of joining the American Cancer Society (ACS)

            Over the past four decades, cancer has emerged the bane of contemporary society and a leading cause of death globally. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) currently estimates that a total of 606,520 people will succumb to cancer in 2020 which represents a 24% increase in recorded cases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020). Cancer is a major public health issue within the United States owing to it indiscriminate nature. One of the main benefits of joining ACS will be in steering our organization in the right trajectory with regard to addressing major health challenges facing the wider greater population in the United States. It will also accord a unique opportunity to management to participate directly in health promotion initiatives to underscore the importance of early screening and lifestyle choices. Furthermore, persons occupying key positions in our organization will benefit greatly from insight on how best to manage chronic ailments while involving employees within the decision-making framework.

            Active membership at ACS will also contribute to our job responsibilities, especially as it relates to responding appropriately to major health challenges and coordinating such activities with community leaders. It is integral for healthcare practitioners to build rapport with communities ravaged by chronic ailments such as cancer and the novel corona virus (COVID-19) to develop an appropriate response. Community involvement in healthcare has long been hailed as a suitable framework to addressing modern-day healthcare challenges and one of the most effective methods of fostering care-seeking behavior (Elk & Landrine, 2014, p. 513). This will go a long way in ending decades-long health disparities which hinder access to care options among minority communities such as non-White Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Native Americans. Participating in ACS-led programs will allow employees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extent to which cancer has affected society through current research. This will allow individual employees within our organization to adopt groundbreaking innovations proposed as a major step towards addressing cancer while building capacity among clinical staff.

            Joining ACS also presents an important opportunity for the organization to benefit from tax breaks provisions provided under section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code (IRC). This will allow the organization to save a considerable amount of revenue which will be put to use in a wide range of initiatives meant to benefit management, individual employees, and the public. For instance, these funds will play an important role in enabling the organization to plan for ACS events organized in different localities across the United States on an annual basis. The Childhood Cancer Leaderboard Campaign a, Coaches vs. Cancer Preseason Luncheon, Relay for Life, A Night at the Chef’s Table, A Taste of Hope, and the Associate Board of Ambassadors are some of the main meetings, conventions, and conferences which will greatly benefit the organization (The American Cancer Society, 2018, p. 34). It will provide an apt environment for employees to rub shoulders with like-minded practitioners in the field which ultimately facilitates the exchange of significant information linked to healthcare. Upper management will also develop strong links with major actors in the healthcare sector; allowing them to network and strike lasting relationships for mutual benefit.  This will allow employees to obtain important information in relation to career development, ultimately rekindling their love for the medical profession

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ACS is a one of the main voluntary organizations tasked with addressing cancer in the United States. Membership within the organization is bound to benefit our organization by creating a sense of direction, gaining insights key to individual responsibilities, and benefiting from tax breaks under section 501(c) (3). It is, therefore, imperative for the organization to consider joining ACS since it is bound to improve employee’s expertise leading to elevated patient outcomes.

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