A Personal Experience In Research

Assignment Instructions

You are now engaged in a research project! This can be a very exciting and intimidating process, but you have a great support network to help you. Take just a moment to think about something you have researched in the past, and describe what that experience was like. What did you research? What were your reasons for researching it? What did you find out about the topic and about yourself? Did you find yourself seeking out primary or secondary sources? What kinds of sources did you use? How did you choose your topic, and what was the result of your research?

Feel free to choose any experience. You do not have to limit yourself to an academic research topic. You might reflect upon research that you did for your job, or you might want to reflect upon a time that you researched a large purchase, such as a new computer or a car.


Sample Solution

I was involved in a research to determine impact of globalization in the development of Chinese economy. The main idea was to determine how globalization has affected growth and development of developing nations in the world and hence the students were supposed to base their research topic on that aspect. I decided to select China based on the fact that China is growing very fast and its growth started after open of globalization in the country.  I thought it would be exciting to learn how globalization influenced this growth. I also wanted to know whether the growth of Chinese economy was based on multinational companies or local companies. I also wanted to know what specific aspect of globalization boosted Chinese economic growth, making it among the major exporters that have not been realized in other developing nations.

After conducting the research, I realized that China offered a favorable environment for development of multinational companies in the world. This included cheap labor and land cost. The country has in the recent past also embraced education and hence there was also a high number of educated or professional workers in the country. Chinese population was also considerably high, an aspect that attracted most multinational companies due to ready market. The increase in the number of multinational companies increased the government revenue through taxation among other licensure charges. They also created employment and contributed to the society development through social responsibility programs. Increase in the export from these companies also added to the government revenue. Locals’ exposure to industrialization made it possible for them to grow and establish their own companies increasing the rate of economic growth. I used both primary and secondary data. I reviewed old news in different local economic news to determine changes that took place in the past after globalization became popular. I also held a phone interview with the retired minister of economy in the country who provided very essential information regarding the topic. I realized that it is possible to know anything one is interested in as long as one focuses on getting it. The research made me learn that globalization initiated international trade, and regionalization of trade to reduce tariffs.It also enhanced growth of international companies in a country, knowledge sharing, employment, diversity and inclusion, and eventually general growth of economy of a country.


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