Abortion as an Individual Right in the US

Abortion is one of the controversial issues this world faces today. While proponents argue it is a moral right for a woman to decide what do with her life, opponents on the other hand argue that abortion is immoral and a deprivation of life, which makes it a critical aspect of the legal framework that seeks to address the same. The fight between pro-choice and pro-life in regards to abortion brings on board the need to understand the legal stand on abortion.  In regards the law, specifications on how and on what circumstances an abortion should be done is key to solving the controversies that arise as far as abortion is concerned. According to the law, abortion is not human right. However, on circumstances where the lives of the victims are in danger, abortion becomes a right (Mollie, 1998).

Nevertheless, despite basing the right to abortion on unavoidable circumstances pro-life campaigners still uphold the belief that death as opposed to killing is a better choice. They believe carrying out an abortion is basically killing the unborn child even on circumstances where the child has no chance of survival. By the same token various societies have different view regarding the legality and immorality of committing abortion and this is in regards to culture, religion and to some extent economic circumstances.

Today, the rise in health complications has brought flexibility in the laws governing abortion. For example, the United States of America registers high number of children born with Down’s syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by body deformations and mental disorders. For this reason, pregnant women tested for Down’s syndrome are given a choice to either terminate their pregnancy or give birth to their child.

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