JWI 520 – Self-Assessment on Each of Jack Welch’s 4 Es and 1 P

JWI 520: People Management – Self-Assessment

Write a 3-5 page paper in which you do the following:

  • Candidly assess yourself on each of Jack Welch’s 4 Es and 1 P, including your strengths, weaknesses, and what you can do to improve.
  • Provide examples of occasions during your career when you demonstrated your strengths and when your weaknesses came into play.

Self-Assessment on Each of Jack Welch’s 4 Es and 1 P

Jack Welch defines a good leader as one who has energy, can motivate others to perform, who can make tough decisions, has skills to deliver on time and without failure. He summarizes the qualities of this leader in 4E’s and 1P as one who is energetic, energises others, can go to the edge, can deliver and also has passion for the job he does (Welsh, 2015). As a managing director at a public relations firm, I have several strengths. One of my strengths is that I love to work hard. Am always on the move, right from how I walk so fast on the corridors to save time. I believe in action and change and so I always begin my day with enthusiasm. I rarely get tired neither do I complain about working hard. Another strength that I pride in is that I have the ability to influence others to work hard. Am a performer and so I tend to influence those around me to perform as well. I have the tendency to brighten up my colleague’s moods and motivate them to produce better results. As a managing director, I like to inspire my employees and reward them when they do a good job.

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Apart from that, as a leader, I have the ability to make the tough decisions. I believe in speed, accountability and transparency. I therefore have the ability to decide when to fire, hire, promote and carry out any other tough decision without hesitation, fear or favour. In addition to that, I get the job done on time. I believe in productivity and results as key factors to success. I therefore encourage my employees to deliver on time. Another strength that I have is that am passionate about my job. I enjoy working as a managing director at the public relations office.  I always look forward to going to work because it gives me a platform to learn and grow.

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Besides my strengths, I have a few weaknesses. To begin with, am a perfectionist; I like order, punctuality, and self-discipline. I strongly advocate for these qualities to the extent that it affects my employees. They say that I push them too hard. Some of them say am too demanding because I refuse to accept anything short of perfection. As much as perfectionists works well for me, I have realized that it affects my employees negatively. For example, they fear to approach me on certain matters because they think I will judge and criticize them. The negative impact my perfectionism creates on the employees affects productivity as well as the results in the organization (Krames, 2011). To improve on this, I have learnt to compromise. I have learnt to be patient and as understanding as possible with my employees. I have learnt to give them a chance rather than to dismiss them for being slower than me.

Apart from that, too much honesty is another weakness that I face. I tend to always speak the truth no matter the situation. As a managing director at a public relations firm, often, this does not work well for me. As a public relations practitioner, am expected to build reputations no matter how tarnished they are. This might, therefore, involve lying to the public or the organization involved. Lying, being something that am not so good at, always puts me in the bad light with my co-workers. They tend to feel disappointed in me for being too blunt in scenarios like that. To improve on this weakness, I have learnt to follow the lead of my supervisors when it comes to brand and image building. I have learned to discuss with them what is on my mind before going out there to face the clients.

There are several examples where my strengths and weakness were portrayed. One time as a manager for a bank, I managed to use my positive energy and attitude to influence my co-workers to revive the banks as it was going down on its knees.  Through hard work, determination and discipline, we managed to rescue the bank at the time it was going bankrupt. There are other instances where my weakness occurred. For example, when I was newly employed as a procurement officer for a supermarket, I was too committed to my job and expected others to be as committed as I was. Because I expected too much from my co-workers and supervisors, I ended up being so miserable and at some point had to quit my job. My colleagues began envying and hating me for being a good performer. My supervisors on the other hand failed to appreciate leave alone recognize the efforts I was putting on my work. Too much commitment, ended up costing me my job instead of increasing productivity and progress for the company. As much as I quit that job as a procurement officer at the supermarket, I have learnt to not allow defeat in my career. I have learned that competition is part of life and that as long as performing well in a job gives me satisfaction, I should not wait to be rewarded by anyone else. Inner reward and peace is the best reward I can ever get.

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