Addiction Scenario Involving a Minor – Child Abuse

Assignment Instructions

Addiction to illegal substances and alcohol is a coping mechanism that many children use to deal with the intense and painful reality of child abuse/neglect. The cycles of addiction can be generational and very difficult to overcome.
Create and describe an addiction scenario involving a minor and offer suggestions for which services you believe would be the most effective in that scenario. Provide details for the scenario such as age of client, signs of abuse, and the type of abuse. Be sure to address the following questions:

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  • What are some of the signs and symptoms for the client in your scenario?
  • To what substances is the client addicted?
  • What services are generally offered to help children break addiction and how do those services differ from services offered to adult addicts?

Sample Solution

John is a ten year old child who has been facing a lot of challenges in life. His parents died when John was only 9 years old and he was taken in by his uncle. However, things did not turn as anticipated for John. John experienced constant physical abuse form his uncle and aunt, and he is mostly depressed. He even try avoiding being at home in most cases and prefer spending his time with friend who he feels shares the same predicaments as him. Recently, John’s teacher realized that apart from quietness, isolation and other behaviors that could be associated with depression, John has been showing developments.

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The teacher notices that John has been having bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, drowsiness, poor memory altered sense of time, impaired motor skills and slowed reflexes, and cognitive impairments. He decided to discuss this with John’s guardian who also claimed that they have noticed that John appetite has increase, and he sometimes seems paranoid while other time he is euphoric. Having been convinced that John is involved in case of drug abuse, the teacher decided to investigate further. The further investigation resulted to John confession that he has been taking marijuana since one of his friends in the neighborhood assured him it will help him to forget his problem and to cope with the life stressors.  John claimed to have been using the substances for about seven months and he takes it mostly on his way from school or after everyone is asleep.

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To assist John, the teacher considers looking for a rehabilitation center where John can be helped to break his addiction. Children rehabilitation centers are used to help children overcome their addiction problems and in most cases, to protect children from the problems that acted as the root cause for substance use. They also offer basic education to these children as a way of ensuring that their future is bright. Children may also be taken a placement as a way of ensuring that proper care is provided to those children to ensure that they live a drug free life. This is also meant to ensure that they have proper education to shape their future. This differ considerably from adults rehab centers that only focus on creating treating the addiction and preventing relapse but not  ensuring that they have overcome life stressors that could range from work, relationships, to financial problems.

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