Airport Operation Case Study – Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is an international airport that serves as a gateway to Belgium and Brussels and it is managed by the Brussels Airport Company. The airport hosts international, regional, and domestic cargo and passenger services for more than 50 airlines. It acts as a hub for various airlines which include Thomas Cook Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Abelag Aviation, Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo, European Air Transport, Jetairfly, EVA Air Cargo, and Jet Airways. It links the Europe capital to 226 destinations across the world.  Brussels Airport is primary airport in Belgium and among the European biggest airports. The airport in 2015 offered transportation services to about 23.5 million passengers. The company currently records a total number of 239349 flights annually. Initially, the company recorded more flights by 27%, however the number of flights have decline following the employment of larger craft which have increased the mean number of passengers in each flight by about 60%. The planes currently carry an average of 113 passengers per flight (, 2016).

The airport operations are highly automated with passengers being provided with online booking services. Passengers are provided with travelling timetable, which indicates the departure and arrival time for various flights based on the destination. The airport also offers special services for passengers travelling with babies as well as small kids. It also provides other services which include shops, bars and restaurants. It also offers transportation facilities to its passengers as well as car parks. The airport has highly enhanced security measures which include planes servicing, maintenance and inspection to minimize on unsafe travels.  The airport has also tightened its security to minimize on terror attack. These measures have been enhanced after the recent attack in the airport and constant terrorists’ threat in the airport. This includes passengers’ inspection, and provision for emergency landing on security basis (, 2016).

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