Alcohol and Possession of Marijuana Treatment Program

With Tony having been taken in juvenile detention and ultimately recommended for a rehabilitation program, it would be essential that his life is rebuilt and brought back on course to a normal and right behavior.

Firstly, it would have to be considered that the mode in which Tony got into drugs in the first place is an unhealthy environment. By learning from his parents, Tony got engrossed into the vice. Through attention, memory and motivation, Tony slowly learned by observation and imitation until he was modeled.

I believe that through the same methodology, Tony should be withdrawn from the undesired behavior. By introducing him to a good and healthy environment, the positive social aspects will rebuild him to a good person. Along with Tony’s treatment, I believe that his family should also be included in the treatment so as to also restructure the environment around Tony. It would ensure that there are no rebounds after the treatment.

During treatment also, Tony should be allowed to live in a halfway house to avoid going back to the unhealthy environment unless the parents too are involved in a similar treatment plan. It is because living at home could lead to failure of the treatment. Living away from home however could come with challenges such as encounters with the parents or even from Tony himself as well. Even worse, forcing him to live away from home could magnify those encounters due to the separation.

The treatment plan in this case is related to cognitive and behavioral theories. In fact, it is directly related to social learning by Bandura which posits that people learn by observation like Tony did(Bandura, 1977). Additionally, our techniques are also related to Gestalt psychology of Tolman whereby, Tony develops knowledge bit by bit about his environment(Köhler, 1929). As we develop the treatment, much of the origin of Tony’s behavior is assessed, which more again leads us to Weiner’s attribution theory which looks into the cause of behavior(Hewstone,1983). In holistic manner therefore, our treatment could rehabilitate Tony and maybe his parents as well.

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