Client Situation And Case Management Process – School , Occupational Health And Clinic Nurse

Nursing in a school, a private hospital, a public one or in any other setting is always a task that needs adequate intensive care and assessment in regard to the client. One’s client comes with certain individualities and portrayals that are worth taking into account while providing nursing services to them. They may come with complexities or even keep adding certain things into the nurse’s list or just be as simple as to even inveigle ineffectiveness on the nurse’s side. The nurse should always be geared to provide safe, compassionate care. (Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations, 1999).

As well known, healthcare professionals and educationists alike know that healthy students are have the highest probability of achieving. The goal of a school nurse therefore is to handle case management such that students are supported to be ready to study and learn successfully. The whole issue and concern here encircles achieving educational and health outcomes.

The way the school nurse manages health compliance, behavior, attendance, quality of life of the learners greatly affects the academic achievement of the client. Academic achievement in itself reveals that there are needs that need to be met so that it can be a positive outcome. These needs are primarily learning and health needs of which, health needs are the baseline to everything.

Considering a learner who is asthmatic, the school nurse as a case manager can device the following case management process.

  1. Discuss with the school the schedule of availability of the client (student).
  2. Call the student and introduce yourself to them, as a prelude to working closely with them.
  3. Obtain information as to whether the client has other support services.
  4. Arrange for a treatment plan through the school nursing facilities and procedures.
  5. Arrange for checkups in skilled nursing facilities.

Throughout the process, the nurse should act as the client advocate and should therefore know how to deal with conflicts that arise.

In occupational health nursing, there is also need for case management. Take a client situation for example, which encloses an autistic child aged 13, who lives far off the hospital. The occupational health nurse could come up with a case management process that involves the following steps;

  1. Discussing with the family a program of meeting the child in certain times for treatment.
  2. Arranging with the guardian or the parent on offering home treatment services
  3. Arranging for supportive services to collaborate in such a manner that oversees a holistic treatment.
  4. Seeking auxiliary treatment from high skilled nursing facilities

In the process, accountability to multiple parties, the family’s decisions and resources offered in the hospital should be considered. The most important consideration to be taken in occupational health case management is the obligation to better the client’s self-determination(Gardner, 1936).

For a clinical nurse, assessing a client situation comes with similar importance in arranging for a case management process. Consider a client situation of Mr. Turner aged 57 and whose kidneys have a functionality problem. Mr. Turner who visits the clinic regularly for kidney dialysis has forgotten the medication schedule and the skin has been adversely affected by this. Additionally, his heart rate has lowered and his general case worsens. The clinical nurse assesses and concludes that there is need for hospitalization. To construct a case management plan, the nurse uses the following sequence;

  1. Arrange to meet the family of Mr. Turner so as to arrange for the hospitalization process.
  2. Introduce themselves to Mr. Turner and explain the changes in his treatment plan as a part of working with him.
  • Obtain the critical information on the scope of health benefits enjoyed by the client.
  1. With the collaboration of other health experts in the clinic, come up with a good hospitalization process and facility.

Case management should take into account continuity of care and promote self-determination of the client(Stanhope et al., 2006).

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