Demonstrating Violence Traits In Boston Public

Demonstrating Violence Traits In Boston Public how it fuels desensitization on its viewers.

Boston Public is deemed as an American drama and television series initialized by David E. Kelley and it is broadcasted on Fox.  This episode is staged within Boston and its series are centred on Winslow High School, a fictional public high school within the Boston Public Schools district. Generally, this movie demonstrates a large collection based on the work and private livelihoods of immense students, teachers, as well as administrative body within the school. To be specific, this episode was aired in between October 2000 to January, and it was based on jingle ‘Every day is a fight. For respect. For dignity. For sanity’. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at demonstrating violence traits within this episodes and indicating how it fuels desensitization on its viewers (Marcus, 2005).

As its slogan suggests, this drama was overwhelmed by conflicts, quarrels, and fights hence emerging to have an inconsistency culture where the movie’s characters were continually found to have grudges and crashes all over the movie. Genuinely, most of the characters are observed to vary in their ideas and they don’t prefer to solve their issues through negotiation since the community believes and are used to bringing resolution using swords instead of tongues. As a result, the entire episode appears to be dominated by fight hence tending to gears spectators of this drama to uptake this mindset and therefore inciting the community particularly teenagers to venture in such kind of deportments (Host, 2004).

To be specific, on 13th November 2000 at 2.00pm the Fox media was confirmed to air a portion of Boston Public’s movie which was totally filled with brutality in teenager students. Basically, this incident involved two boys aged below nineteen years and they had influence of traits concerning inconsistency mores. These boys were viewed to instigate a fight while being in class. Unfortunately, during the fight, one of the boys was observed biting a piece of the other lad’s ear off. In response, the victim stood up with pain and bitterness, and the blood was running off over his shirt. On the other hand, the biter was found spitting the peace of ear out of his mouth and this part of fresh landed on the Harvey’s forehead (Carroll, Meyer, Song, Li, Geistlinger, Eeckhoute & Brown, 2006).

Indeed, this episode is confirmed to be contained with conflict and bitterness due to various reasons. For instance, the two boys had instigated a quarrel between them and at last broke into a battle. Consequently, one of the boys is viewed going into an aggressive extent where he bites his fellow student hence causing injuries to him and he did not make any apology to console the victim since this appears his action looks like a legalized thing by the community. Based on this, it is clear that the entire scene is constituted with conflicts and violence since it starts with quarrels and ending with casualties (Marcus, 2005).

Basically, this drama is confirmed to fuel desensitization on the viewers in immense ways. For example, majority of youths who come across this episode will tend to take law unto their hands particularly when they get into ideological differences as way of ensuring the opponent party will back their ideas. Moreover, this movie is also inspiring injurious fights within schools since the onlookers will tend to exercise what they have seen and also using those tactics as way of winning the battles against their fellow classmates (Wall, 2005). While summing up, it is important for us to be cautious of movies we watches since this can psychologically influence our behaviors.

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