Violence Against Foreign Women


Cases of violence against indigenous women are an issue of international concern and national human rights crisis. These cases have been rampant in several countries across the globe for example Canada where foreign women face serious violence cases. Even in the wake of adopting laws to govern human rights, international bodies, civil society groups and governmental institutions have failed to recognize the need to protect foreigners especially women from violence.


Violence against foreign women is an issue that does not meet up with the moral decencies of our societies. The world has undergone tremendous economic, social and political change. The fact that certain nations still tolerate violence against foreigners especially women is a not only a question of morals but also a question of social development. Across the globe several women have been victims of this circumstance and this has been due to reluctance by governments to regulate native identity by gender.

Supporting points

The rationale behind these happening is the fact that modernization has facilitated social groupings and social spaces have been confined to the native inhabitants of various places. The differences in cultural make-up of nations are also a contributing factor to violence against foreign women (Lawrence, 2004). In Saudi Arabia for example, regardless of whether a woman is a foreigner or not, there are rules that they must abide to. This encourages violence against foreign women who fail to adhere to such rules. In Lee Maracle’s novel, a story of girl who is  caught between two culture is told and how she becomes a victim of violence. Torn between the American culture and her traditional culture, she chooses to lie between the two cultures after she becomes a victim of violence against foreign women.


In conclusion, violence against foreign women is evident in certain nations in the world such as Canada and Saudi Arabia. This is an issues of international concern that should be addressed through formulation of laws that protect the vulnerable group within any nation.

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