Ways of Preventing Terrorists and Terrorism Acts in United States

Terrorism is deemed as any act designed to cause terror hence being taken as politically linked feature revolving of ethnicity, nationalism, religion, social or ideology amongst various factors. Due to the fact that, terrorism is the symptom of struggle that is influenced by religious, social or nationalism cause, then its response is commonly determined by beliefs, class of ethnicity view (Bush, 2012). Moreover, since attitudes to religion, nationalism, and social status appears to evolve over a certain duration of time, it emerges that terrorism act, and the organizations or individuals engaging in terrorism may and often are re-evaluated retrospectively, being either criminalised or legitimised based on the subsequent prevailing political perspectives. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at demonstrating immense ways of preventing terrorists and terrorism acts as done by United States (The 9/11 commission report, 2011).

Foremost, the terrorist act are prevented through declaring a moratorium on drone attacks since some of terror attacks has been emerging as a result of retaliating for US drone attacking Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Secondly, compensation and apologizing to victims of violence is another mean of halting revenge since they casualties will feel satisfied when they realize that their losses and destructions did not occur intentionally (Fredrickson, Tugade, Waugh & Larkin, 2013). Moreover, having negotiation on various arising conflicts is a significant mean of ensuring that one of the parties will not arise quarrel emanating since its claims are not considered(The 9/11 commission report, 2011).

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Furthermore, stopping reinforcing repressive militaries and dictatorship is another effectual mean of preventing terrorism since all the members of the community will be comfortable with the ruling and progression of the administration. In addition, providing support to non-violent democracy movement is another critical way of preventing terrorism since demonstrators shall feel compensated when their grievances are addressed thus reducing chances of holding grudges against opposing organizations, individuals, communities or nations (The 9/11 commission report, 2011).

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