Application of MEA Framework in Niger Delta Oil Spillage

An ecosystem is a complex relationship between pants and animals as a natural functional unit. Ecosystem sustainability in extension is vital for survival of human beings and the fauna and flora. Massive oil spillage in the Niger Delta has led to loss of aquatic plants and animals. The massive pollution of water has led to unavailability of clean water for both domestic and industrial use. Oil spillage in water takes a long time to clean and this pose a great suffering to population who live in the Niger Delta since such population depend on the waters for their use and fish for food. In some worse scenarios, this has often led to fights among communities.

MEA framework can be used extensively in Niger Delta to enhance and promote biodiversity through sustainable exploitation of the fossil fuels. The MEA report shows how unsustainable exploitation of natural resources can create poverty and social conflicts. It has been widely documented that indeed the spillage of oil in the Niger Delta has been detrimental to human beings in the region. Many people have suffered due to loss of fish which is their chief source of food. Sometimes there have been reported social conflicts from people who feel oil doe not promote their well-being but rather serves to exacerbate poverty.

MEA report calls for corporation from governments and other non-governmental organizations to participate in advocating for sustainable use of resources, which can be extended to oil drilling in the Niger Delta.

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