Application of Golden Rule in Organizations to Achieve Distinction and Success

The Golden rule as defined by Pope Francis is a concept whereby leaders should treat others in the same way they would like to be treated. Although the Pope’s message on Golden Rule was aimed at political leaders, leaders and decision-makers in organizations have to observe Golden Rule in their quest to achieve organizational goals and objectives. It is without a doubt that leaders who treat their employees in the same way they would like to be treated have a likelihood of succeeding compared to those who do not apply the Golden Rule. Some of the ways in which leaders in any organization can apply the Golden Rule to achieve distinction and success include:

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Get to know the employees. The aspect of understanding the employees on a personal level will help leaders take notice whenever employees seem to be undergoing challenging or difficult moments in their lives. In this regard, leaders should be willing to understand the human concept of employees, not just as workers. Although leaders and their followers should maintain a professional relationship, knowing some of the pressures and issues about their personal life will help leaders to lead and manage them better.

Understanding the mistakes of employees. Like any other human being, employees will once in while act in a way that is unacceptable in an organization. For example, employees will sometimes miss a deadline, lose a sale, misplace crucial documents, record wrong journal entries, and many more mistakes. Nevertheless, leaders should be willing to acknowledge that errors are part of the learning experience. Subsequently, leaders should encourage and help employees learn from each mistake by working with them to develop a plan to move on from the unwanted situation.

Being appreciative of the efforts by employees. Most leaders tend to feel satisfied when their efforts and success in the organization get recognition from other people. Likewise, the leaders should also be willing to appreciate the efforts and contributions of employees towards the success of an organization. Notably, this will be essential in building mutual trust and respect in the organization as well as encourage employees to put more effort into their day to day activities.

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Being able to control emotions. All human beings are emotional creatures who experience both good and bad moments in their lives. Nevertheless, each person can control their emotions irrespective of the situation. In this regard, leaders must be able to check their emotions to avoid venting them on the employees. Notably, leaders who tend to have controlled emotions even when faced with either personal or professional challenges are more likely to be better bosses and coworkers.  This is because they have a better understanding that their treatment and behavior towards employees should not depend on their current emotions.

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Improving Customer Experience. The primary goal of a customer is to receive the best possible good or service. In this regard, leaders should strive to ensure that their customers enjoy the best experience from their organization. Therefore, leaders must put themselves in their customers’ shoes for them to maximize their organization’s delivery of efficient services and quality goods to customers.

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It is without a doubt that the Golden Rule is essential in creating strong bonds among human beings. Leaders must be willing to act humanely in their day to day activities. More so, leaders who keep the Golden Rule in their mind are more likely to be successful than those who do not apply the concept. In this regard, leaders in any organization should strive to use the Golden Rule as one of their guiding principles.

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