Role of Families, Teachers, and Peers in Assisting Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Learners with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) often present unique challenges in school-related activities. In my opinion, their families, teachers, peers as well as individuals with ASD have a role to play as far as supporting such learners in their schoolwork is concerned. One of the factors that limit children with ASD in their learning is the existence of discrepancies between their cognitive abilities and school performance which can be attributed to their low level of social skills (Kasari et al., 173 Another reason learners with ASD need help from other people especially those close to them is that they are characterized by social communication and interactions deficits which significantly affects their school-related activities skills (Kasari et al. 174). Therefore, I believe that families, teachers, peers as well as individuals with ASD are some of the groups who have to provide support to learners with ASD.

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To begin with, family members can provide support learners with ASD by being close to them and constantly talking to them as well as avoid portraying negative emotions towards them. More so, family members should be willing to spend quality time with such learners and monitor their schoolwork progress regularly. On the other hand, teachers should have an understanding that having a positive relationship with learners through providing them with a sense of belonging with ASD is essential as it makes them feel appreciated thus motivating them to succeed in their school work. Additionally, teachers should learn how to handle the learners’ challenging behavior to enable them to forge a positive relationship with their peers (Accardo & Finnegan 237).

Furthermore, peers of autistic learners have a role to play through having an understanding of how to have empathy and respond to learners with autism and their uniqueness in playing and interacting with others. Individuals with ASD can support such learners by giving them the guidance they need on how to overcome the challenges which tend to hinder the learning process of persons with ASD (Accardo & Finnegan 237). Therefore, learners with ASD can develop and improve their cognitive abilities social skills and school performance through support from their families, teachers, peers as well as other individuals with ASD.

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