Problems Affecting Nursing Intervention Studies

Nursing interventions studies are aimed at knowing whether an intervention is effective, to whom it is best effective, the benefits of the intervention as well as the expected outcomes of an intervention. Nursing interventions must be designed in a way that seeks to support and improve the lives of patients and their family members. Over the years, conducting intervention studies has become one of the significant requirements in the nursing profession to ensure improved patient care. Although they are essential, the various nursing interventions are often faced with challenges that affect their implementations.

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To begin with, the implementation of nursing interventions studies is challenging in most health care facilities. One of the factors affecting nursing interventions studies is incorrect timing of the outcome measurement. In some cases, the interventions are affected by lack and wrong timing of the outcomes of these studies. In this regard, for the studies to be useful, those in the nursing profession must ensure the studies are effective through ensuring that the outcome measurements are timed in the right manner (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2013).

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Another factor that affects nursing intervention studies is insufficiently operationalized intervention.  For the studies to be effective, those in nursing should ensure that intervention studies are conducted sufficiently and fully operationalized. To avoid insufficiently operationalized interventions studies, they should be conducted in regular and frequent intervals, conducted in different settings over time, and should involve more than one professional (Lavoie, Pepin, & Cossette, 2015).

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Too much heterogeneity within each group on the dependent variable also leads to problems in nursing interventions studies. In this lack of diversity due to the dependence of only a few variables is a challenge that affects intervention studies (Lavoie, Pepin, & Cossette, 2015). Thus, conducting intervention studies in nursing is often affected by several problems. Nursing intervention studies aim to establish how the intervention approaches impact on patient care. The studies are aimed at improving and enhancing the well-being of both patients and their family members. However, intervention studies are often affected by the presence of certain problems.

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